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Blazing a trail: five inspiring women in travel

Defying convention, challenging ideals, adventuring further: here are some of the women in travel that inspire us the most.



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Watch how these women are saving black mothers’ lives

Despite medical advances, the U.S. is one of only two developed countries where the rate of women who die from pregnancy is not falling. Black mothers are particularly at risk. Better basic care could help, as it has in the developing world. This short documentary tells the story of just one of the hundreds of mothers Mamatoto Village, a maternity-support organisation in Washington, D.C., has served. Read the full story featured in the January 2019 issue of National Geographic.

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Perpetual Planet

She Fought for a Shark Sanctuary. But Does It Work?

First Jessica Cramp helped ban the shark trade in the Cook Islands. Now she’s studying whether the law is protecting sharks.