This bizarre armoured dinosaur had a uniquely bladed tail weapon

Why does Italy have a ‘Trans-Siberian’ railway?

Why alien hunters have spent 60 years finding new solutions for the Drake Equation


The exercise phenomenon born in a prisoner-of-war camp

More than just a 'mystery' train, the Orient Express whisked the elite across Europe in luxury and style


The Belgian city where the Big Bang theory was born

How samurai, statesmen, and scholars shaped the Japanese tea ceremony


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Discover the world’s largest urban rooftop farm.

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Farm Friends
Photograph by Alexandra Avakian, Nat Geo Image Collection

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Genius Aretha
Secrets of The Whales
Earth Moods
The Right Stuff
Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdon
National Geographic Magazine
November 2021
100 Wonders of the World
by National Geographic
These archaeological findings unlocked the stories of our ancestors
Photograph by KADIR NELSON

Two centuries of excavations on six continents have given voice to a past that previously lay mostly hidden. Now breakthroughs in technology promise even more revelations.

In this special issue of National Geographic, explore the world's most significant treasures from our past across the world, and through time – discovering what they have told us, and what they may still. 

Also in the November 2021 edition of National Geographic:

Ethiopia's civil war
Paul Salopek walks China
Penguin plight
Animals in space


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Space Animals | World's Wonders | Ethiopia | Sleeping Bees | Paul Salopek | Penguins Aircraft
Photograph by National Geographic Photographers



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