Sunset Frolic
Photograph by Charlie Hamilton James, National Geographic
National Geographic Magazine
November 2019
Special Edition: Women Rising
By The Women Storytellers of National Geographic
Speaking out. Taking Control. Changing Destinies. Shaping the Future.
Photograph by National Geographic

This landmark edition of National Geographic Magazine is the first ever with all-women contributing writers, artists and photographers. 

It documents the rising power of female voices throughout history, celebrating those around the world who fearlessly push boundaries. 

Why the future should be female It's time for women to reject inferior status, demand equality and revel in their ambition and success
Shaping the Future These women are influencing governments and communities around the world to make strides towards equality
Peril, Progress, Prosperity The best and worst places to be a woman in the modern world
Remaking Rwanda Rebuilding a nation after genocide – and making the changes last
In the Fight Women are taking a more active role in the military. Here's how.


Six questions, a world of answers 
We posed the same questions to women from all walks of life: this is what they said.

UK Women of Impact: Find exclusive online articles here


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Documenting the lives of women around the world in over 130 years of images
Photograph by National Geographic



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