Watch how the world's biggest spider immobilises its prey – and keeps predators at bay

With a leg-span nearly a foot wide and a very particular defence mechanism, Goliath bird-eaters are truly lethal hunters. Footage from the show "World's Weirdest".

Discover the world’s largest urban rooftop farm.

In Paris, farming on a rooftop is not just an idea. Here crops are grown without soil with a specialised system of pipes that showers a nutrient-rich water mixture. Footage from the show Europe from Above.

The incredible birth of a baby Kangaroo

A newborn kangaroo is barely bigger than a jellybean. It must crawl from one of its mother's two uteri, and climb up her body to reach the safety of her pouch! Footage from the show "World's Weirdest".

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National Geographic Magazine
July 2021
Beating the Heat
by National Geographic
A Los Angeles photo project maps how cool shade withdraws as the neighbourhoods get poorer – a troubling divide on a warming planet.
Photograph by Elliot Ross, National Geographic

Rising heat in the 21st century is likely to push millions of people and entire regions out of their comfort zones.

This month, a series of reports highlight the ways humans deal with increasing heat – from the physiological, to the social, to the technological. And, why in a warming world, the divide between the rich and the poor is becoming one of temperature, too. 

Also in the July 2021 edition of National Geographic:

The world's highest gold rush desperation for the precious metal is turning toxic in the Peruvian Andes
Conservation that lasts how the pandemic is testing the relationship between local communities and safari tourism
Priceless fossils in a garbage dump An expanding landfill is providing fascinating glimpses into our past


How hair proclaims culture
Changes in Chinatown
The story of a shark viral sensation


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Chinatowns| Heat | Garbage Dump Fossils | Chroma | La Rinconada | Safari Tourism
Photograph by National Geographic Photographers


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