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Mangrove Forest
Photograph by Alessandra Meniconzi, National Geographic Your Shot


National Geographic Magazine
September 2019
The Arctic is Heating Up
By Neil Shea, Craig Welch, Jennifer Kingsley & Acacia Johnson
As the Ice Melts and the Tundra Thaws, Old Rivals Scramble for Position – and Ancient Ways Risk Being Lost
Photograph by Acacia Johnson

As the world warms, old tensions reignite on the last of the ice at the top of the world. These stories explore the lives on the front line of this new conflict: one between landscape and the climate, humans and the landscape, and between humans and humans across the melting ice of a fast-changing territory.  

A Special Issue of National Geographic

The New Cold War How climate change is setting the stage for conflict at the top of the world 
An Arctic Mystery The new clues to one of seafaring's coldest, darkest vanishings. 
The Carbon Threat How thawing tundra is having unexpected global effects
Alone With Wolves a solo encounter with a ravenous wolf pack deep within the Arctic circle
Before It Melts Inuits are teaching their children how to live of the vanishing ice to preserve their culture 

Plus Art from Beach Rubbish | The Source of Flavour | The Tiger Cam


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National Geographic Magazine
Wolves / Soldiers / Methane / Beach Rubbish / Alaska / Cold War Training
Photograph by National Geographic


How Ecuador is falling back in love with chocolate

With Ecuador hailed as the birthplace of chocolate, local producers, chefs and farmers are once again being creative with cacao.

Photo story: streetlife in the blue city of Jodhpur

The bright blue walls of Jodhpur are a striking, improbable contrast to the umber sands of the Thar Desert. Capital of the ancient kingdom of Marwar and the second-largest city in Rajasthan, the ‘Blue City’ has a fascinating heritage, having played a crucial role in the history of India, from the days of the Mughal Empire to the British Raj. The Jodhpur of today has a young, energetic population whose vibrance is matched only by the colour of the city walls.

A city guide to Adelaide

With a host of new hotels and airline routes, a thriving local music scene and two renowned wine regions on the laid-back city’s doorstep, Adelaide is a city with mass appeal.

West Sweden: kayaking on the edge of the world

Exploring the islands along West Sweden’s Bohuslän coastline by kayak provides a vivid perspective of the region’s culture and adventurous spirit

Mausoleums, mountains and mummies: searching for cloud warriors in Peru's Amazonas region

In northern Peru’s Amazonas region, the Chachapoya ‘cloud warriors’ honoured their dead with villages of chullpas, multi-storey mausoleums built high up in the mountains.

Rotterdam: Are these the rooms of the future?

From cardboard houseboats to cool campsites, the Dutch city’s new accommodation is a glimpse into the future.

Ramsay Goes Wild

A Journey of Culinary Discovery

In Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, the world is his kitchen... and yours.

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