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June 2021
Reckoning with the Past
by National Geographic
The scene around Greenwood, on the day the all-Black district of Tulsa was destroyed, resulting in the deaths of hundreds and the loss of economic prosperity to generations. The unknown photographer supplied a caption describing the scene..
Photograph by Unknown

In 1921, after a Black 19 year-old was accused of assault, a white mob raged through the Tulsa district of Greenwood, Oklahoma, looting and burning, and murdering up to 300 people.

A century after the Tulsa Race Massacre, the city is finally coming to terms with its devastation. Today it’s one of many often difficult conversations in the U.S. concerning a reckoning over racial injustice.

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Marian Anderson | Glass menagerie | Fermi | Race Card Project | Southernmost tree | Mennonites
Photograph by National Geographic Photographers


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