Watch how the world's biggest spider immobilises its prey – and keeps predators at bay

With a leg-span nearly a foot wide and a very particular defence mechanism, Goliath bird-eaters are truly lethal hunters. Footage from the show "World's Weirdest".

Discover the world’s largest urban rooftop farm.

In Paris, farming on a rooftop is not just an idea. Here crops are grown without soil with a specialised system of pipes that showers a nutrient-rich water mixture. Footage from the show Europe from Above.

The incredible birth of a baby Kangaroo

A newborn kangaroo is barely bigger than a jellybean. It must crawl from one of its mother's two uteri, and climb up her body to reach the safety of her pouch! Footage from the show "World's Weirdest".

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Secrets of The Whales
Earth Moods
The Right Stuff
Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdon
National Geographic Magazine
August 2021
The Real History of the Gladiators
by National Geographic
Unpicking the real life stories of history's most infamous – and misunderstood – 'entertainers'.
Photograph by National Geographic

A bloodthirsty fight to the death in which two warriors enter, and one leaves? The truth is that nine out of ten gladiators survived a match.

Now, archaeologists are unpicking facts from the many fictions of Rome's ancient bloodsport – in a quest that has taken them across the ancient empire, and to legend that lives on to the present day.

Also in the August 2021 edition of National Geographic:

Glass frogs
Modern hunger
Sharks under threat
The Kalahari


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Animal Days| Glass Frogs | Lake Baikal | Gladiators | Hunger | Kalahari
Photograph by National Geographic Photographers


Witnessing the fiery formation of Fagradalsfjall, Iceland's newest volcano

Earlier this year, the world was transfixed by images of Fagradalsfjall, Iceland’s newest volcanic fissure, spewing molten lava and ushering in a fresh wave of tourism.

How people-powered conservation is helping to revive the UK's national parks

Seventy years since the UK’s first national parks were created, they’re receiving more visitors than ever. But with rising tourist footfall and declining biodiversity, hands-on help to preserve our parks is vital.

Family travel: seven of the best Olympic-inspired activities in the UK

Have the Olympics inspired you to get active? Here’s how the whole family can embrace their inner athlete.
12 Photos

Photo story: from crop to cup in Colombia's Andean coffee region

In the lush central hills of Colombia lies the Zona Cafetera — or the ‘coffee axis’ — where the majority of the country’s world-renowned coffee beans are grown.

Travel writing is changing in the 21st century. Here's what it looks like

Having travelled the world to interview some of the greatest names in travel writing, academic and author Tim Hannigan reflects on how the genre is changing in the 21st century.

Forest flavours: on the hunt for black truffles in Western Australia

Western Australia’s Southern Forests region is home to a bountiful natural larder, including truffles that grow in such abundance they’ve turned the region into the Southern Hemisphere’s truffle capital.




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