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Photograph by Lynsey Addario, National Geographic Image Collection

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November 2020
Special Issue: A World Gone Viral
by National Geographic Staff
How the pandemic is changing our lives.
Photograph by Giles Price

In less than a year, the coronavirus has changed how we come into the world, live in it, and leave it. This is how we’re adapting.

The November issue of National Geographic Magazine explores the massive changes seen around the world since the pandemic emerged: how they unite us, divide us, and galvanise us on the journey to a future free of COVID-19.

Featuring essays, dispatches and photojournalism from around the world, this special issue is dedicated to a world gone viral.


Life with coronavirus connection, love, death, birth, and resilience in the time of a pandemic.

Containing COVID visualising when countries responded, how they did it – and what happened next.

Generation screwed? Young people entering adulthood in the shadow of COVID-19 say: don’t underestimate our ability to overcome.

Rethinking our world the pandemic has given us a glimpse of how collective action can make a difference. Now we must apply this to the climate crisis.


How science will win | Rethinking our society | The Price of a Pandemic 


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Belgium | Contact in a time of COVID | Detroit | Kenya | Syria | San Francisco
Photograph by National Geographic


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