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Winter Wonderland
Photograph by Ying Hani, National Geographic Your Shot


National Geographic Magazine
August 2019
World on the Move
By Paul Salopek, Nina Strochlic, Cynthia Gorney & Andrew Curry
Seas rise, crops wither, war erupts. Humankind seeks shelter in another place.
Photograph by Ana Juan

In the 21st century, we are all migrants. 

A series of stories looking at humans on the move around the world – from the children born without a state to the day-to-day life of migrants in transition from one place to the next. 

Also in this issue:

Wolverines demystifying the ferocious and elusive predator of the north. 
London Rising How Britain's capital became the centre of the world. 
Building Bugs with Blooms How an artist uses a florist's waste to create mini-masterpieces

Plus Ghost Orchids | Surfboard Craft | Climbing Totem Pole


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Bloom Bugs / Migrants / Wolverines / Stateless Children / The First Europeans / Refugees
Photograph by National Geographic


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