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Going Stag
Photograph by Jim Richardson, Nat Geo Image Collection

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National Geographic Magazine
January 2022
2021: The Year in Pictures
by National Geographic
2021 was another extraordinary year in modern history. Through the eyes of its photographers, National Geographic was there.
Photograph by National Geographic Photographers

Over 1.9 million images were added to the National Geographic photo archive in 2021. This issue contains the ones that defined the year. 

From the U.S. Capitol riots to the continuing fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, National Geographic's year in pictures issue pulls back the veil between the world's most challenging situations – and the rest of it. Featuring contributions from our photographers around the world, this is an unmissable document recording another remarkable year in world history.  

National Geographic's 2021 Year in Pictures contains the images from 35 photographers on the themes of:



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Minnesota | Stonehenge | Ethiopia | Afghanistan | Texas | Brazil-Guyana
Photograph by National Geographic Photographers

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