Keep exploring with National Geographic Traveller

Keep exploring with National Geographic Traveller 
Submarine Sleep
Photograph by EMORY KRISTOF, National Geographic Image Collection


What you can expect from National Geographic Traveller in light of the coronavirus crisis

With the coronavirus situation upon us, the National Geographic Traveller team is now doing things a little differently, and we want to pause to bring you a few words of reassurance.

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From the ethereal ripples of the Aurora Borealis to the majesty of Yosemite Valley’s El Capitan rock face, the Earth’s natural wonders are still out there — even if we can’t travel to see them just now. But, luckily for those of us experiencing wanderlust while on lockdown, webcams can act as live portals to natural vistas far grander than those offered up by our windows. We round up some of the best.

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National Geographic Magazine
April 2020
One planet. Two futures. Your choice.
By National Geographic
Tropical forests like this one, part of Arfak Mountains Nature Reserve in West Papua, Indonesia, is crucial to the well-being of the planet. Preserving these immense carbon lockers is perhaps the most cost-effective solution to climate change.
Photograph by Tim Laman

Are you an optimist, or pessimist? Over the next 50 years, will we save the world... or have we already lost the planet? 

Whatever your outlook, human actions over the next 50 years will influence our planet’s destiny. This special edition of National Geographic Magazine, which coincides with the 50th anniversary of Earth Day explores the damage to our planet that cannot be undone - as well as what can be saved with the empowering information to help you shape a different future.

Featuring our first ever flippable cover, this historic issue of National Geographic challenges you to imagine two different destinies – and to pick a side. 


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One planet, two futures: This landmark edition of National Geographic features our first-ever flippable cover.
Photograph by National Geographic



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