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black history month

Meet the adventurer: Mario Rigby on serendipity, sustainability and celebrating difference

Modern-day explorer and travel personality Mario Rigby spent more than two years walking across Africa. We talk to him about his expedition, as well as his keen advocacy for a more diverse, eco-conscious travel landscape.
Desert Tomb
Photograph by Lynn Abercrombie, National Geographic Image Collection

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Wild Japan: Snow Monkeys
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Rogue Trip
National Geographic Magazine
September 2020
Reimagining Dinosaurs
by Michael Greshko
Today is the golden age for dinosaur research – as new ideas and ever-developing technology help scientists map the journey modern animals took from their ancient ancestors.
Photograph by Paolo Verzone

Scientists have learned more about dinosaurs in the last 25 years than in the previous 250: from the colour of their skin and feathers, to how they rose to be the dominant creatures on Earth.

This special issue examines the latest theories about how they moved, how they looked – and how they spent their days.

Also in the October 2020 edition of National Geographic:

Every Mother’s Son photographing Black mothers and the sons the fear they will lose to violence  

Giant raptors of the Amazon communities in Brazil are uniting to help conserve one of the largest eagles in the world

Sex Trafficking the shocking story of two girls, stolen lives – and a worldwide scourge affecting millions of children 

America’s last wild trails saving the scenic paths threatened by neglect, climate change and crowding


How COVID-19 hits animals | A map to Earth for aliens | Prehistoric pathogens | Deconstructing the shark-cam 


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Trafficking | Reconstructing dinosaurs | Black mothers and sons | Harpy eagles | Ancient hatchlings | COVID-19 and animals
Photograph by National Geographic


Meet the village artisans keeping traditions alive in Le Marche, Italy

For artisan skill, there’s nowhere in Italy like Le Marche, a central region populated with family businesses that handcraft paper from hemp, weave basket bags for Italy’s biggest fashion houses, and stitch the leather balls used in an ancient sport.

Awakening Celtic legends on a road trip along Wales' Coastal Way

Snaking down the western coast of Wales from the windblown Llŷn Peninsula in the north to the city of St Davids in the south, follow a path of Arthurian myth and Bronze Age mystery along Cardigan Bay.

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If you want to understand just how revered beer is in Japan, then head to Osaka. The nation’s party city positively effervesces with new craft breweries, old izakayas and cosy hole-in-the-wall bars.

What's behind Buenos Aires' unique Italian food culture?

In Buenos Aires, the cuisine owes as much to the city’s Italian immigrants as it does to an urge to pile up ingredients with gleeful abandon. Expect everything from super-stuffed pizzas to egg-topped escalopes, all with a distinctly local twist.




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