Diving Deep
Photograph by Paul Nicklen, National Geographic Image Collection

Where our water goes

Water, water everywhere?
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Water, water everywhere?

Could a famously rainy country like the UK really run low on water? Through a combination of climate change and population growth—it might.
Making the most of our wet weather (while we can)
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Making the most of our wet weather (while we can)

With predictions that we could face national water shortages within 25 years, what can we do to stop the UK from running out of water? 
United Kingdom Water Crisis
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United Kingdom Water Crisis

Notorious for being a particularly rainy nation, the UK has no need to worry about its water supply. But is that actually the case?

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The Lost City of Machu Picchu
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Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
One strange rock
National Geographic Magazine
June 2020
The Last Voices of World War II
by National Geographic
Some were heroes. Some were victims. Others fought for the fascists who sought to dominate the planet. Their remembrances are as poignant as ever.
Photograph by Robert Clark

75 years after the end of history’s deadliest war, survivors on all sides share their stories.

Their numbers are dwindling, their ages advancing – but their stories are still amongst the most powerful that can be heard first hand. In this special report, National Geographic records the testimony of survivors from all perspectives of the conflict: from British codebreakers to German infantrymen, Holocaust survivors, Japanese soldiers and American Marines. Also in this edition of National Geographic:

Access online articles and photo essays relating to this issue and to World War 2 here – and you can hear the voices of those interviewed in a special feature here. 

Also in this edition of National Geographic:

Quarantine Emperor penguinsWoman politicians rising Skateboarding


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The sound of speed | Denmark | Hiroshima | Penguins | Women leaders | Skateboarding 
Photograph by National Geographic


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