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Photograph by Amy Toensing, National Geographic Image Collection

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September 2020
The Robots Are Here.
by David Berreby
‘If you're like most people, you've probably never met a robot. But you will.‘
Photograph by Spencer Lowell

A revolution in robotics is upon us, as machines take over more duties long performed by humans. It's changing how we live. This special report examines the rise of smart machines: what they are, who created them, and what they're doing to make human lives better.

Also in the September 2020 edition of National Geographic:

A future less frozen the fringes of North America's Great Lakes contemplate warmer times 
Ostriches: heads up the fastest animal on two legs has a PR problem. Should it?
Protecting oceans the value of protecting the planet's water worlds
Waiting for Gdansk The Polish city that gave birth to solidarity still has the power to inspire


Landscapes in a different light | Electric eels | Scrutinising viruses | The cost of harming nature 


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Baby pandas | Lighting landscapes | Ostriches | Great Lakes | Protecting seas | Gdansk
Photograph by National Geographic


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