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Here's What It's Like To Be Inside a Wildfire

Fires like the ones in California spread far and fast. An expert's best advice: evacuate when you're told.
Dining In
Photograph by Randy Olsen, National Geographic Image Collection
National Geographic Magazine
January 2020
Special Edition: Pain and Wellness
By Yudhijit Bhattacharjee, David Guttenfelder, Zoanne Clack, Robin Marentz Henig, Dan Buettner, Fran Smith and Claudia Kalb
Scientists are unravelling the mysteries of pain - and exploring new ways to treat it.
Photograph by Craig Cutler

Advances in neuroscience and a new awareness of wellness is changing lives around the world. A special issue explores the concept of pain: what it is, why we feel it, and how we can beat it.    

Also in the January 2020 edition of National Geographic:

Pain and the brain feared, suffered, little-understood: the causes and future of a universal scourge
Women's health why females must speak up or be sidelined in the fight for medical equality
Mighty microbes looking very (very) closely at the microbes in the body areas we love to hate
Blue Zones diet what do the longest living people in the world eat? 
Yoga's benefits why the antidote to modern stress lies in this ancient practice. 


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Venom | Damselflies | Pain | Yoga | Addiction | Faeces
Photograph by National Geographic



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