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Photograph by Huaifeng Li, National Geographic Your Shot
National Geographic Magazine
June 2019
Suffering Unseen: The Hidden Cost of Wildlife Tourism
By Natasha Daly
For the prize of a social media snapshot by unwitting tourists, animals are being exploited and mistreated. Part of a special Wildlife Watch report in this month's National Geographic.
Photograph by Kirsten Luce

Wildlife Tourism In Focus
On social media platforms they present the literal picture of exotic novelty: elephants, monkeys, tigers, dolphins and even bears, posing with travellers in a range of holiday hotspots. But behind the aspirational images these pictures suggest is an industry of cruelty run by those eager to make money from animal lovers – who are in fact paying for these animals to suffer excruciating pain and misery. National Geographic’s special report is at times difficult but essential reading for anyone who has ever considered posing with an animal abroad. 

Pangolins: Protecting the World’s Most Trafficked Mammal
Shy and elusive, this scaly mammal is also one of the world's most persecuted animals. Butchered for meat, de-scaled for questionable medicines and shipped alive for breeding, this report tells the story of those fighting to keep this unique animal off the black market. 

The New Breed of Rangers 
The Akashinga are an all-female ranger team being trained to tackle the increasing threat of poaching in Zimbabwe. The product of gruelling training, they are the new front line in the war to protect elephants, leopards and other targets of illegal hunting. 

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D-Day|Pangolins|The Akashinga | North Atlantic
Photograph by National Geographic


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