London Marriott Grosvenor Square: Sleep Well Experience

Tamsin Wressell tries to get a good night's sleep in the city Thursday, 10 December 2015

By Tamsin Wressell

I don't have the best relationship with sleep. My issue isn't that I don't like it. On weekends, I'll happily stay curled up under the covers until close to midday. It's more that I have a habit of going to bed late. It's become such a habit that I find it hard to switch off and just relax anytime before the early hours — which is hardly suitable for my 6am weekday starts.

Working in a hectic city that has issues going to sleep itself doesn't exactly help. So when I walk into the London Marriott Grosvenor Square, the surprise of finding myself in a place so relaxed and friendly instantly helps me start to unwind. Just off Oxford Street and a stone's throw from Bond Street station, this Mayfair hotel lies right in the beating heart of the city, making it an ideal respite for weary shoppers.

The black and white tiled floor of the lobby leads up the stairs to maze, Gordon Ramsay's award-winning restaurant, where our Sleep Well Experience begins. At the chic bar, with champagne and canapés in hand, we watch the mixologists tap away at a grand ice block and the chefs prepare fish behind the open-plan sushi bar. Moving into the restaurant itself, we're served a special ‘Sleep Menu' consisting of five courses and an array of amuse-bouches. From the Cumbrian beef tataki garnished with pickled mooli to the roast monkfish drizzled in saffron sauce, every dish goes down a treat. As we dine, the sommelier thoughtfully recommends wines to pair with each dish. The real showstopper of the evening is the lemon meringue pie, which is served alongside a deliciously scented display of frozen lemons and dry ice.

Our one-bedroom suite is bedecked with modern leather furnishings, muted metallics and a dark, wood-framed king-size bed. A corner room on the sixth floor, it provides views of Grosvenor Square and the city skyline.

We decide to go for another drink before bed and head down to the Luggage Room, the hotel's 1920s-style cocktail bar, where buckled seats and leather-studded walls are a stylish nod to the room's past. The extensive cocktail menu could keep us here until the early hours, but we're both determined to get a good night's sleep.

Back up in our suite, we're greeted by a ‘Sleep Well' package — a thoughtfully put together kit to help anyone fall into a peaceful sleep. I use the L'Occitane products — a relaxing shower gel and pillow mist — before tucking into homemade banana and walnut bread (banana to help relax muscles and walnut to help the body feel drowsy) and sipping a cup of Pukka Night Time tea. With a Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet clasped around my wrist, I nuzzle into the plush bed and flick through a few pages of The Sleep Book by Dr Guy Meadows. It doesn't take long for me to put the book down and drift off.

And in the morning? I wake up naturally, feeling refreshed and ready for breakfast at 8am. A more reasonable time than midday — even for a Sunday.

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