Discovering the rock churches of Ethiopia's Gheralta Mountains

In Ethiopia’s northernmost region, the precipitous Gheralta Mountains are a formidable frontier. But hewn into them are ancient, inaccessible churches that make a challenging ascent all the more rewarding.
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Coastal bounty: Surf breaks and seafood

The road from Sydney to Melbourne is a feast for both eyes and stomach — just make sure to work up an appetite en route. Trailfinders expert Arron Byran shares his insider knowledge on making the most of a trip along the coast
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Eyes wide open: where to stay in New South Wales

Whether you want to stay in sleek, style-conscious Sydney or in the heart of the bush, this southeastern Australian state has it all. We take a look at just a few of the accommodation options on offer, from boutique beach houses and intimate island retreats to luxury lodges and homesteads. Plus, Trailfinders expert Alex Maidment shares her tips on exploring the surrounding areas
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East Coast adventure: Cruise the New South Wales shoreline

You could drive the coastal route from Sydney to Brisbane in under 11 hours, but to really do it justice take your time and stop off along the way. We’ve turned to Trailfinders expert John Blower to give advice on what not to miss
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Untamed Australia: Into the wilds of New South Wales

Seen Sydney? Surfed Byron Bay? Raised a glass in the Hunter Valley? If so, now might be the time to explore New South Wales’ national parks. We ask one of Trailfinders’ experts, Henry Hopkinson, for his insider tips on how to tackle Australia’s outback