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Carved into an 800-year-old lava field and surrounded by a mineral-rich, geothermal waterscape, the Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland unlocks new dimensions of the Blue Lagoon experience. Serene Scandinavian design aligns the interiors and exteriors, with thMonday, 5 August 2019

By The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland

Carved into an 800-year-old lava field and surrounded by a mineral-rich, geothermal waterscape, the Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland unlocks new dimensions of the Blue Lagoon experience. Serene Scandinavian design aligns the interiors and exteriors, with the textures of the volcanic landscape echoed throughout the complex

In April 2018, Blue Lagoon completed a significant expansion, opening the Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland. Encompassing a subterranean spa, a mineral-rich lagoon, a 62-suite hotel encircled by the Blue Lagoon’s geothermal seawater, and a restaurant that reimagines Iceland’s culinary traditions, the Retreat is a place where guests can leave the world behind. Built into an 800-year-old lava flow in the heart of a UNESCO Global Geopark, it was conceived and created to expand the horizons of the Blue Lagoon experience.

A spa of the volcanic earth

Covering more than 40,000sq ft and descending almost 10ft into the volcanic earth, the Retreat Spa allows guests to commune with the natural wonders of geothermal seawater in a sublime, luxurious environment. 

Moving through underground realms of inspiring design, enchanting geology, and radiant wellness, the spa journey culminates with the Blue Lagoon Ritual, an exhilarating cycle of wellbeing where guests experience the Blue Lagoon’s three primary elements — silica, algae, and minerals. In a spacious sanctuary of interconnected chambers, guests cover their bodies with these treasures of geothermal seawater. Each element of the Ritual confers a dynamic array of benefits: silica strengthens the skin’s barrier function, providing a healthy, radiant appearance; Blue Lagoon algae increases collagen production, leaving the skin nourished and youthful; minerals stimulate circulation and have revitalising effects on both the mind and body.

Ultimately, the spa journey derives its power from the interplay of design, science and the forces of nature, bringing guests closer to the wonders of the earth. 

Breathtaking waterscape

The Blue Lagoon is the wellspring of the Retreat Lagoon, endowing this breathtaking waterscape with the same mineral-rich powers as its predecessor. The lagoon’s lava canyons, hidden corridors, and terraced concourse give guests a more intimate, sheltered, entrancing experience of the Blue Lagoon’s storied waters.

With an in-water service area, a location for in-water massage, and nearly 10,000sq ft of mystical blue warmth bounded by centuries-old volcanic rock, the lagoon is rich with possibilities for peace, discovery and wellness.  

A sanctuary of serenity

Encircled by the otherworldly waters of the Retreat Lagoon, the hotel’s 62 suites were conceived to erase the boundary between interior design and exterior enchantment. Incorporating colours, materials, textures, and furnishings calibrated to harmonise with the landscape, each suite becomes the foundation of an inspiring holistic journey, taking guests into unity with nature while catalysing a sense of profound wellbeing.

On the lower level, the suites have terraces with hypnotic views of the frozen-in-time lava and the surrounding lagoon. Some of these suites even give guests direct access to the revitalising waters. On the upper level, the suites are endowed with unforgettable perspectives on the moss-covered, volcanic vista — stunning panoramas that transform with the weather and the dramatic fluctuations of subarctic light.

The hotel’s communal spaces — the lobby, lounge, fitness centre, yoga room, library, gallery, and sky terrace — are warm, comfortable, and captivating, with the exterior waterscape providing a majestic, ever-present backdrop.

A culinary journey

Seated at a table in Moss Restaurant — the Retreat’s signature dining establishment which occupies the highest point at Blue Lagoon
— guests can travel the island by way of the culinary creations that emerge from the kitchen. With a la carte and set menus that move from the mountains, to the farmlands, to the rivers, to the oceans, each dish celebrates the living heritage and diverse delights of Iceland’s endless bounty
of nourishment.

The Moss dining experience was created by a team of chefs who have mastered both their craft and the sourcing that gives it life — each member bringing their own individual wisdom and awareness of where and when regional ingredients are the freshest, purest, and most desirable.

Complemented by design and architecture calibrated to bring interior and exterior together, highlighting the ever-shifting colours and tones of the moss-covered horizon, Moss’s menus are likewise mercurial: changing with each season but intimately bound to the land.

Wonder, warmth & wellbeing

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland opens the door to a sensational journey, bringing guests into harmony with the transformative pleasures of the volcanic earth. This is a unique experience, powered by sustainable energy and born of geothermal seawater — a resource that ascends from a molten frontier 6,500ft underground, creating a wellspring of wonder, warmth and wellbeing. 


A relaxing in-water massage floating under the arctic sky in the mineral-rich waters of the Retreat Lagoon


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