Earth Day

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Join Jane Goodall as she travels the world, calling on us all to stand up and speak out on behalf of wildlife – and the planet.

Jane Goodall: La gran esperanza

This documentary special highlights Dr. Goodall’s vast legacy of four decades spent transforming environmentalism, nonhuman animal welfare and conservation through her innovative approaches – and reveals how she became a worldwide icon.

Jane Goodall: The Hope premieres

22 April at 8:00 PM

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Earth Day

Aerial photos show ‘the human planet’—in all its beauty and pain

26 big (and small) ideas for a greener future

Greta wasn't the first to demand climate action. Meet more young activists.

National Geographic & Earth Day

For more than 130 years, National Geographic has been illuminating the wonder of our world and funding grants to explore and protect it.

Over the past 5 years, the National Geographic Society has funded more than 700 European and African citizens to conduct bold, innovative and transformative projects.

This April, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we want to inspire everyone to take positive action for the planet.

Ameer Abdulla

Ameer Abdulla


Lucy Hawkes

Lucy Hawkes

United Kingdom

Annette Fayet

Annette Fayet


Giovanni Chimenti

Giovanni Chimenti


Ignacio Jiménez

Ignacio Jiménez


Martina Panisi

Martina Panisi


Barbara Klump

Barbara Klump





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Travel with Nat Geo.

National Geographic Magazine
April 2020
One planet. Two Futures. Your choice.
by National Geographic
This April, the future of the planet is in your hands. Don’t miss this special edition of National Geographic Magazine.
Photograph by Jeff William, NASA

Are you an optimist, or pessimist? Are we about to save the world, or lose the planet? 

Whatever your outlook, human actions over the next 50 years will influence our planet’s destiny. This special edition of National Geographic Magazine, which coincides with the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, explores the damage to our planet that cannot be undone - as well as what can be saved, with the empowering information to help you shape a different future.

Featuring our first ever flippable cover, this historic issue of National Geographic challenges you to imagine two different futures – and to pick a side. 

Earth Day at 50: The April 2020 edition of National Geographic is out now.
Photograph by National Geographic

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