Coronavirus, conservation and the wild places we should be travelling to

Following our report on bear conservation in Italy, we check back in with Paul Lister, founder of The European Nature Trust, to gauge the impact of coronavirus on European landscapes — and what lies ahead for travel and conservation.

Where our Water goes - United Kingdom

National Geographic photographer Charlie Hamilton James heads across the UK to find out how our famously wet country could be facing water shortages in the next 25 years.
Photo gallery: Australia after the bushfires — Ray Mears returns to Kangaroo Island
In the aftermath of the wildfires of early 2020, the British bushcraft expert travelled to South Australia to document the impact on the landscape and wildlife — and the astonishing resilience of the local community.
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Why mist and mountains make great coffee

Journey high into the Andes to discover the secrets behind Colombian coffee.
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Craftsmanship in Ethiopia

Follow Rena Effendi, National Geographic photographer, to observe firsthand how agronomists of the Nespresso’s AAA Sustainable Quality™ Programme are working with growers to ensure a consistent supply of high-quality Ethiopian coffee by blending the region’s ancient traditions with modern agricultural techniques.

The cultural impact of quality coffee

Rena Effendi reflects on her travels with Nespresso discovering the passion, heritage and craft behind incredible coffee and the people who bring it to life
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Growing coffee for brighter futures in Zimbabwe

Follow Rena Effendi, National Geographic photographer, through her journey in Honde Valley, Zimbabwe, where she meets the farmers and the agronomists working with the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Programme.