From photography skills to careers advice: National Geographic launches summer of virtual events

If you have a future explorer at home – or just a young mind hungry for inspiration – tune in for wisdom direct from some of National Geographic's leading lights.

By Simon Ingram
Published 25 Jun 2020, 13:41 BST
The new series of Summer Learning events will include 1-hour sessions with National Geographic photographers, who will ...

The new series of Summer Learning events will include 1-hour sessions with National Geographic photographers, who will share their tips on what makes a better photo – and how to capture it.   

Photograph by Lynn Johnson, National Geographic

Keeping kids amused, let alone inspired, can be a challenge over the summer break. But even in their downtime, young people can gather valuable skills and have their minds expanded in directions that could lay exciting groundwork for their future. 

National Geographic Education has launched a Summer Learning Series to keep young brains engaged with meaningful learning throughout the summer. For the next eight weeks, you can virtually visit a different part of the world, get tips from some of the world's top photographers – and discover not only what it's like to be a National Geographic Explorer, but how to become one. 

You can find out about all of these events here – but here's a look at what's going on in the coming weeks. 

Photo Camp Live

This summer, National Geographic is proud to present Explorer Classroom Special Edition: Photo Camp Live, which brings the magic and power of storytelling directly to young people over the age of 16 through live interactive video talks with National Geographic photographers.

Join us every Friday at 7 p.m. BST for a live 1-hour session with National Geographic photographers who’ll share the importance of storytelling and how you can capture your own unique story through photography. 

Each week we will announce a photo assignment that you can take part in, and you can share your experience using #PhotoCampLive on Instagram. You’re also invited to submit up to three photos taken during your assignment for a National Geographic photographer to review – and potentially have your work featured in the next broadcast!

You can also register for a chance at one of six on-camera spots to ask questions directly. You’re also invited to ask questions through the YouTube chat function during the program. 

The free event is streamed live on YouTube. To see upcoming photographers and storytellers, please visit National Geographic’s Explorer Classroom page.  

Next up: Connecting with Nature through Photography, with Federico Pardo and Malaika Vaz, 26th June @ 7pm BST. Watch here.

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Explorer Classrooms

Join us every Wednesday and Thursday for National Geographic’s Explorer Classroom. These live, virtual events connect young people with National Geographic Explorers—leading scientists, researchers, educators and storytellers—as they share their expertise and experiences from the field on topics including wildlife, rainforest conservation, archaeology, photography, and more. 

You can Register for a chance at one of six on-camera spots to ask Explorers your questions directly – and You’re also invited to ask questions through the YouTube chat function during the program. Anyone is welcome to participate. 

To see upcoming speakers, please visit National Geographic’s Explorer Classroom page. You can also view previous Explorer Classrooms below, or check out the full archive here

Next up: Documentary photography with Self Kousmate, 25th June @ 7pm BST. Watch here.

GenGeo Careers in Exploration 

We’re at a pivotal moment where young people are leading efforts around the world to drive positive change in ways that will shape our future. But how can you convert that passion into a sustainable and fulfilling career?

National Geographic Education is excited to announce a new program for young people ages 16+ who are passionate about making a difference in the world. These changemakers are part of Generation Geo (GenGeo) — young people who are thinking critically, collaborating globally, and becoming informed leaders, decision makers, and champions for our planet.

This summer, join us every Tuesday at 7 p.m. BST for live, virtual events hosted by National Geographic Young Explorer Sahar Mohammadzadeh. She’ll share a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiring careers and individuals who bring National Geographic’s mission to life. Join the conversation with expert scientists, educators, and storytellers about the experiences, successes and challenges that have shaped their careers, and discover how you can build a blueprint for a potential career in science, exploration, education and storytelling. 

Want to learn more about #GenGeo? Join the #GenGeo community and explore the many future careers and pathways that are possible.

Next up: Build a blueprint for a career in education and science with ​​National Geographic Fellow ​​Kavita Gupta, 30th June @ 7pm BST. Watch here.


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