On the milky way: discovering dairy in France's Jura Mountains

On the milky way: discovering dairy in France's Jura Mountains

In a region rich in produce and tradition, there’s one particular cheese that takes pride of place: comté, the culinary gold in a gloriously green landscape.

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How Ecuador is falling back in love with chocolate

With Ecuador hailed as the birthplace of chocolate, local producers, chefs and farmers are once again being creative with cacao.

Why is everyone suddenly drinking vermouth?

The star of a thousand cocktails, vermouth is a versatile aperitif that truly shines when sipped on its own.

A taste of the Camargue, France

Shaped by its location in France’s Rhône delta, the Camargue’s food scene is driven by a thriving community of passionate artisans.

Waste not: Five UK restaurants cutting down on food waste

With sustainability increasingly on the agenda, restaurants across the UK are doing more to reduce their food waste. Here are five to try

Breaking Bread: coastal cuisine in Tunisia

From perfectly prepped couscous to generous helpings of harissa, Tunisian cuisine is all about colour, flavour and abundance. In the coastal town of Nabeul, a family meal becomes a feast when guests are involved — and extra helpings are inevitable.

Photo stories

Photo story: the story behind the hazelnuts of Piedmont, Italy

The hills just outside Alba, in northwest Italy’s Piedmont region, are striped with neat green rows of trees and vines. The area is renowned for its wines and white truffles, but the jewel in its crown is the nocciola del Piemonte, a delicate variety of hazelnut with thin skin and crisp, dense flesh. The terroir here is ideal for these nuts: the slopes allow the soil to drain, while the altitude and climate provide the perfect temperature for the trees.

Lucknow: The streets are alive with smoke and flame

In the northern Indian city of Lucknow, meat takes centre stage. Here, a kebab isn’t a simple skewer but a melt-in-the-mouth dish with noble origins; buffalo is slow-cooked overnight, ready for breakfast, while the perfect biryani can reduce a restaurant to silence

Photo story: The London tradition of pie 'n' mash

There can be few institutions more synonymous with the East End of London than pie ’n’ mash shops

What they're eating in Washington, DC

Yoghurt soup? Salmon in beeswax? Barack Obama’s favourite hot dog? The US capital has it all

Meet the maker

Meet the Maker: Joris Putman, tulip vodka producer

Former actor Joris Putman looked to his family roots in Dutch flower cultivation to create a premium vodka using only organic tulip bulbs

The National Geographic Traveller Food Festival is back

Experience the world through food and travel.

What they’re eating in Newcastle

From mackerel flatbreads on the beach to a local pottery studio that serves sumptuous shakshuka, Newcastle’s food scene is thriving.

Meet the makers: the couple behind Manchester Gin

Seb Heeley and Jen Wiggins have taken their gin business from their dining room to a shiny new distillery – and picked up awards along the way.

A taste of Wexford: Ireland's emerging culinary destination

Where’s the best place to eat in Wexford? We explore Ireland's emerging foodie hotspot, and give recommendations on what to try, where to go and the best food tours.

Getting to know Milan’s neo-trattorias

Chefs in Italy’s fashion capital are turning away from traditional trattorias and conventional fine dining to offer something entirely different.

Seoul's top 8 barbecue joints

From classic galbi sal ribs to dry-aged meats, here's where to find the best barbecue in the South Korean capital.

Why Germany's laid-back city of Freiburg has become a magnet for culinary aficionados

Freiburg im Breisgau is Germany's secret foodie capital. Discover the region's food and wine heritage, and find out what to eat and where to go for the city's best restaurants.

From panelle to pistachio pesto: a taste of Sicilian food

Cookbook author Ursula Ferrigno shares her insider tips to the Italian island’s fascinating food culture.

On the taco tour in Mexico City

A  do-it-yourself taco tour of Mexico City’s historic centre reveals flavours from across the nation.

Tin City: The industrial estate shaking up California wine country

Just off Highway 101, in Paso Robles, California, a band of maverick winemakers, distillers and chefs have created a corrugated-tin paradise for gastronomes and oenophiles.  

From agave to Zacatecas: the A to Z of Mexican food

With its snow-capped peaks, seafood-rich ocean waters and cactus plains, Mexico’s landscape is as colourful and varied as the cuisine it produces. We’ve compiled a guide to some of the country’s best-loved recipes, dishes and street food snacks, so you can be confident you know tequila from raicilla and tamales from nopales.

At the chef's table: Spike Gjerde's pick of what/where to eat in Baltimore

Spike Gjerde reveals what to eat and where in Baltimore.

Eritrean beef and bubble waffles: discovering Berlin's street food scene at Markthalle Neun

Martkhalle Neun is transforming Berlin street food, introducing the likes of Eritrean beef stew and bubble waffles to a city weaned on currywurst and Pilsner.

Pesto, pandolce and pignolini: what to eat in Genoa

The Italian home of pesto and pandolce is turning a corner when it comes to food, with modern dishes sharing the culinary spotlight with old favourites. 

Where to eat the best goulash

We round up the best places, both in Budapest and here in the UK, to get your fill of authentic goulash.

Learn about wine with a sommelier on the slopes

Get an education in South Tyrolean wines while you ski.

Meet the maker: the Belgian beer-brewing monk

Father Karel Stautemas and Marc-Antoine Sochon  are putting a modern spin on traditional beers.