Inside the latest issue of National Geographic Traveller Food

Inside the latest issue of National Geographic Traveller Food

National Geographic Traveller Food is packed with authentic travel and food experiences, vivid photography, plus insights and tips to inspire would-be explorers to travel widely, ethically and safely.

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Steak and kidney pie: the story behind a British classic

Popularised in the 19th century, this British classic has since become a pub staple. And while over the centuries the ingredients have been up for some debate, these days the kidneys are non-negotiable.

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Author Caroline Eden on her culinary journey through Central Asia

For travel writer Caroline Eden, people and food are at the heart of every trip. In her latest book she journeys through Central Asia, bringing the region to life with recipes garnered along the way.

Meet the people who make the UK's cheese scene so special

From the shop owner with a Covid-friendly cheese vending machine to the creator of a modern British brie, meet the people at the forefront of the UK's cheese industry. 

Eight inspiring chocolate creations from restaurants around the world

Some dessert menus are worth travelling for. From an opulent golden orb to a decadent reworking of a thousand-year egg, here’s our pick of the world’s most iconic chocolate creations.

The 12 best cookbooks of 2020

From Lara Lee’s Coconut & Sambal to Ravinder Bhogal’s Jikoni, the editors of National Geographic Traveller Food select our top recipe books of the year.

Editors' picks

Five meal kits from top restaurants to cook at home

How successfully can meal kits replicate the restaurant dining experience at home? We try out kits from Dishoom, Hoppers, Padella and more.

My life in food: Romesh Ranganathan on Ethiopian cuisine, bizarre food experiences and his mum’s top-secret spice blend

The comedian talks all things culinary, from falling in love with coconut sambal in Sri Lanka to why he’ll never take photographs of his dinner.

Where to find the best steak and kidney pie in the UK

From country pubs to award-winning pie shops, there are plenty of places to get your steak and kidney fix.

Breaking bread: an Alpine family feast in Courmayeur, Italy

In Courmayeur, in the shadow of Mont Blanc, family meals are hearty affairs, involving plenty of cheese and suitably mountainous portions of carbonara and focaccia. Pull up a chair — dinner is served.

Breaking bread

Breaking bread: on the trail of tradition in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is Greece’s gastronomic heart, a melting pot city that’s constantly evolving. But when it comes to Greek cooking, some things aren’t to be messed with — no matter how modern life gets.

Breaking bread: coastal cuisine and family feasts in Tunisia

From perfectly prepped couscous to generous helpings of harissa, Tunisian cuisine is all about colour, flavour and abundance. In the coastal town of Nabeul, a family meal becomes a feast when guests are involved — and extra helpings are inevitable.

Breaking bread: the smoky taste of Nashville, Tennessee

Pitmaster Pat Martin spends his working day barbecuing and his free time grilling — two very different things if you’re in the American South, where cooking is as much about the journey as the destination.

Meet the maker: the Belgian chocolatier crafting confections with an Asian twist

At the workshop in his Brussels cafe, Laurent Gerbaud is making chocolates with a difference, taking inspiration from far beyond the borders of Belgium.

Meet the maker

Meet the maker: the Spanish family behind some of the world's best saffron

In central Spain, the Cabra have farmed some of the world's highest-quality saffron for four generations, using a meticulously hand-produced and largely unchanged approach.

Meet the maker: the woman behind the world's most sought-after pistachios

In Sicily, Laura Lupo makes products such as pesto and torrone from her own highly prized Bronte pistachios.

Meet the maker: the Canadian maple tree tapper

In rural Quebec, Pierre Faucher has been tapping maple sap and turning it into syrup for almost 40 years.

Photo story: celebrating the characters and creations of London's Chinatown

The food found in Chinatown was once largely Cantonese, but in recent years it’s diversified. Today its outlets specialise in cuisines from all across Asia; the longest queues, though, are outside the bubble tea cafes.

Photo stories

Photo story: dining with nomads in Kyrgyzstan

Once a nation of nomads, today’s Kyrgyzstan is dotted with yurts only in summer. For most of the year, Kyrgyz shepherds live settled lives in the valleys, but from June to September, when the lowlands are arid, they move to summer mountain pastures, known as jailoo. 

Photo story: the story behind the hazelnuts of Piedmont, Italy

The hills just outside Alba, in northwest Italy’s Piedmont region, are striped with neat green rows of trees and vines. The area is renowned for its wines and white truffles, but the jewel in its crown is the nocciola del Piemonte, a delicate variety of hazelnut with thin skin and crisp, dense flesh. The terroir here is ideal for these nuts: the slopes allow the soil to drain, while the altitude and climate provide the perfect temperature for the trees.

Photo story: the London tradition of pie 'n' mash

There can be few institutions more synonymous with the East End of London than pie ’n’ mash shops.

A beginner’s guide to foraging for wild ingredients in the UK

Foraging responsibly and discovering the world of wild food is one of the simplest and most effective ways to reconnect with nature. We speak to foraging experts for advice on starting out in the UK.

Eight of the UK's best museum restaurants

In art galleries and museums across the country, cafes and restaurants are moving beyond salads and sandwiches with seasonal produce, ambitious cooking and fine dining finesse.

Where to try traditional dishes in Lombardy, Italy

We round up the best places across the region to get your fix of authentic Lombard cuisine.

Six of London’s best international food shops

There’s a world of ingredients and culinary cultures to be discovered in the UK's capital, whether you’re looking for an introduction to a nation’s cuisine or revisiting the flavours of a beloved destination.

My life in food: Jesse Tyler Ferguson on New Mexican cuisine

The Modern Family star talks about growing up in New Mexico, the joys of tiramisu and his new cookbook, Food Between Friends. 

Editors’ picks: 10 snacks to try from around the world

When hunger strikes between meals, seek inspiration from the cuisines of the world. From Portugal’s pasteis de nata to India’s Parsi eggs, here are 10 of our editors’ favourite bites.

A city guide to Taipei, Taiwan's culinary capital

From the city’s night markets to its Michelin-starred restaurants, influences from China, Japan and beyond come together to create a cuisine that’s distinctly Taiwanese.

Meet the maker: Côte d'Ivoire's trailblazing chocolatier

In Côte d’Ivoire, Rosine Bekoin and her fellow cacao farmers are shaking things up by making their own chocolate.

Photo story: the historic diners of Arequipa, Peru

With a heritage stretching back centuries, the picanterías of Peru’s second-largest city dish up delicious portions of traditional comfort food every lunchtime.

Where to eat in Ludlow, Shropshire

With an abundance of great produce on its doorstep, ‘local’ is the watchword for this Shropshire town’s dining scene.

What they're eating in Athens

Japanese-Peruvian dishes, slow-cooked rabbit and pistachio mousse are all on offer in the Greek capital. Here are six unmissable dishes — and the innovative restaurants that created them — to seek out on your next trip.

Meet the maker: the oyster king of Denmark

In the waters off the tiny island of Venø, Kristian Borbjerggaard harvests wild oysters for the kitchens of some of Denmark’s finest restaurants. His began his enterprise seven years ago as a teenager, earning the respect of restaurateurs and sparking a small but significant shellfish renaissance in the nation's culinary scene. 

The highlights of Burmese cuisine, according to chefs Amy and Emily Chung

London-based supperclub hosts Amy and Emily Chung — authors of The Rangoon Sisters Cookbook — share their highlights of Burmese cuisine, from Mohinga to Gin thoke.

A culinary guide to Montevideo, Uruguay

What the Uruguayan capital lacks in size, it more than makes up for in cuisine. This is a city busy carving out a new culinary identity, driven by a longstanding local obsession with its home-grown food and wine.

Chef Karan Gokani on his passion for paneer, and how to make it at home

Karan Gokani developed a love for paneer growing up in Mumbai. Later, as director of the Hoppers chain, he  gave this versatile ingredient a distinctly Sri Lankan twist.

Three recipes to bring a taste of Italy home

Chef Aldo Zilli took part in National Geographic Traveller’s recent event with the Italian National Tourist Board. Here, he reveals his take on Italian cuisine, from his favourite ingredients to the recipes you must try at home.

Travel Geeks online: a culinary tour of Israel — 19 January 2021

Join us for an hour online from 19:00 to 20:00 on Tuesday 19 January for a virtual culinary tour of Israel, when our expert panel will discuss its vibrant and exciting food scene.

Get a taste for nature on a mushroom foraging course in the New Forest

Learn to tell your boletes from your russulas as you get to grips with fungal families on a one-day mushroom foraging course.