Breaking Bread: the Maltese way

Bakeries in Malta aren’t just where loaves are made and sold; they’re where meals are brought to be slow-cooked ahead of family gatherings, at which every bite is savoured and everyone fights for the last scraps of bread and gravy

Food and travel

Veganism: a worldwide quest for plant-based perfection

All over the world, the plant-based lifestyle is growing increasingly commonplace, with more and more chefs putting vegan dishes at the heart of their menus — and the UK is leading the charge

Deconstructing ratatouille

The sun-soaked produce of Provence has been cooked together for centuries, but ratatouille as we know it is rather more recent, and less rule-bound, than you might expect

Going against the grain: top five gluten-free bakeries in the UK

With gluten-free eating becoming ever more mainstream, Here are five of the UK’s best bakeries for coeliac-friendly cakes and loaves

The rebirth of bourbon

Bourbon is once again the pride of Louisville, and its renaissance is breathing new life into  the city’s dining and drinking scene

Tried and tested

Tried & Tested: Din Tai Fung, London

Famous for its intricate soup dumplings, the Taiwanese chain has caused a stir with its first UK branch in London’s Covent Garden. But does it live up to the hype?

Tried & Tested: Sorrel, Dorking

Just a year after it opened, Sorrel has earned a Michelin star for its exciting flavour combinations and willingness to experiment

Tried & Tested: Motemei, Santiago

Hidden away in the Santiago suburbs a kitchen experiment is yielding memorable results


How to make it: Rebecca Seal's pasteis de nata recipe

The author of Lisbon: Recipes from the Heart of Portugal shares her recipe for Portuguese custard tarts

How to make it: Lulu Peyraud’s ratatouille recipe

Pre-cooking all the veg separately is the key to French winemaker and cook Lulu’s classic recipe


Diving into a Cypriot kitchen: Interview with Georgina Hayden, author of Taverna

More than a decade in the making, Georgina Hayden’s second book, Taverna, is full of recipes that celebrate her Greek Cypriot heritage. She tells us how childhood memories have shaped her cooking

The master of sushi: an interview with Rei Masuda

We talk to sushi master Rei Masuda, who elevates raw fish cuisine to an art form

Meeting the MasterChef: an interview with Monica Galetti

The chef and MasterChef judge talks to us about her food heroes, her favourite restaurant in London and how her heritage influences her menu.

Getting to know Ramsbottom's food scene

Once known for its mills, this Greater Manchester market town  has since swapped cotton for top-class cuisine.

A culinary guide to Copenhagen

The Danish capital is the driving force behind New Nordic cuisine, but look beyond its fine-dining and you’ll find Smart bistros, street-food markets and world-class bakeries.

What the locals are eating in St Petersburg

Whether it’s frozen salmon or gherkin soup, traditional dishes are being reimagined in Russia’s second city.

Ask the experts: raicilla, Spanish cooking courses and a foodie weekend in Bristol

Our panel answer your culinary queries, including where to learn to cook in Spain and the best vegetarian food in Colombo.

A taste of Valencia

With a unique microclimate and fertile soil, it’s no wonder this coastal Spanish city has a growing gastronomic scene built on the back of its paella heritage.

Lucknow: The streets are alive with smoke and flame

In the northern Indian city of Lucknow, meat takes centre stage. Here, a kebab isn’t a simple skewer but a melt-in-the-mouth dish with noble origins; buffalo is slow-cooked overnight, ready for breakfast, while the perfect biryani can reduce a restaurant to silence

How to spend 48 hours in Berlin as a vegan

From beetroot-glazed doughnuts to meat-free doner kebabs, vegan dining is revolutionising the German capital.

Meet Nicolas Julhès, the Paris-based spirit distiller

Nicolas Julhès takes a visionary approach  to producing his range of premium gins, whiskies, rums and vodkas

Middle eastern marvels: Five ways to use labneh

Try it with everything from breakfast to barbecued meat

Meet the urban cheesemakers: what I learned making cheese in North London

Learn how to get your cheese fix at home with this beginners’ workshop

Three chefs on veganism in London

Three Hackney-based chefs discuss ingredients, misconceptions and how plant-based cuisine is taking over the capital — starting in the east

Where to eat the best Jewish food in Montreal

A strong Jewish influence is writ large across Montreal’s cuisine with old-school bakeries and diners alongside young upstarts putting a fresh spin on the classics

Kelis on how food has shaped her life

The singer-turned-chef talks about her Puerto Rican roots, food culture becoming sexy and the things she learnt at culinary school
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In pictures: The rebirth of bourbon in Louisville
Bourbon is once again the pride of Louisville, and its renaissance is breathing new life into the city's dining and drinking scene.

Life as a vegan in LA: An interview with Happy Cow's Eric Brent

Eric Brent, the LA-based founder of veggie and vegan dining directory Happy Cow, tells us about plant-based dining in the city