Sour, salty, sweet: getting a taste for Filipino cuisine

Sour, salty, sweet: getting a taste for Filipino cuisine

From spit-roasted lechon pork to vinegar-soaked adobo stew, the stars of Filipino food are beginning to make their mark on big-city menus the world over. And the best way to get to know this cuisine is by exploring the capital, Manila.

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What they're eating in Beirut

Topped flatbreads, heritage grains and Armenian cuisine are all on the menu in the Lebanese capital.

Sandy vines and subtle wines in Lisbon's underrated wine region

From the sandy vines of Colares to the ‘sweet spot’ of Alenquer, Lisbon's underrated wine region is producing reds and whites as complex and singular as the local landscape.

Meet the maker: the Canadian maple tree tapper

In rural Quebec, Pierre Faucher has been tapping maple sap and turning it into syrup for almost 40 years.

The pioneer: Analiese Gregory on her life lessons from global kitchens

New Zealand-born Analiese Gregory has foraged in France, mastered complex gastronomy in Spain and cooked camel in Morocco. Now she’s taken over the kitchen of Franklin in Tasmania, she’s found somewhere that feels like home. 

Breaking bread

Breaking bread in Nashville: the smoky taste of Tennessee

Pitmaster Pat Martin spends his working day barbecuing and his free time grilling — two very different things if you’re in the American South, where cooking is as much about the journey as the destination.

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Photo story: the story behind the hazelnuts of Piedmont, Italy

The hills just outside Alba, in northwest Italy’s Piedmont region, are striped with neat green rows of trees and vines. The area is renowned for its wines and white truffles, but the jewel in its crown is the nocciola del Piemonte, a delicate variety of hazelnut with thin skin and crisp, dense flesh. The terroir here is ideal for these nuts: the slopes allow the soil to drain, while the altitude and climate provide the perfect temperature for the trees.

Lucknow: The streets are alive with smoke and flame

In the northern Indian city of Lucknow, meat takes centre stage. Here, a kebab isn’t a simple skewer but a melt-in-the-mouth dish with noble origins; buffalo is slow-cooked overnight, ready for breakfast, while the perfect biryani can reduce a restaurant to silence

Photo story: The London tradition of pie 'n' mash

There can be few institutions more synonymous with the East End of London than pie ’n’ mash shops

Slow burners: a celebration of 21 complex classics that are well worth the wait

Lamb so soft it’s served with a spoon; fiery red relish made from patiently stewed peppers; rich, smoky dhal, cooked for 24 hours. When it comes to food, it often pays to take it nice and slow. We’ve searched the world for those culinary labours of love, whether it’s comforting dishes that need a long, languid simmer or those complex classics requiring time and effort. Here are 20 of the best slow burners worth travelling — and waiting — for.

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Meet the makers: the flavours of Skåne

In Sweden's southernmost province, travellers can drink homemade smoothies made from foraged fallen fruits and lick ice cream flavoured with just-plucked saffron. We meet the makers behind some of the region’s best produce.

The surprising science behind in-flight meals

Malaysia-based airline AirAsia has opened a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur that sells its in-flight meals. But why does food often taste so different in the skies?

Ecuador: discovering the chocolate champions

Once the world’s leading producer of cacao beans, Ecuador had become something of a backwater exporter until local companies like Pacari began pioneering a thriving chocolate industry.

On location: where to eat in Bruton

The sleepy Somerset town is home to a world-class art gallery, a hot-ticket hotel and plenty of great-tasting local cheese.

From Japan to Iran: the best new cookbooks

From Japan's plethora of skilled chefs and food producers to over 70 Persian-inspired recipes, these are the latest batch of books we're excited about.

Five ways with ginger

Fresh, pickled or powdered, this root adds a kick in both flavour and fragrance.

What happens when Spain’s most decorated chef arrives in Madrid

Spain’s most decorated chef is at the helm of recently opened Etxeko restaurant, promising homely fine dining that draws on Berasategui’s Basque roots.

Three vegan Indian dishes to try from chef Romy Gill's new cookbook, Zaika

Turmeric pancakes, jackfruit sabzi and poppy seed cakes: these are the flavour-filled vegan bites inspired by West Bengal.

Warming dhals to zingy salads: an interview with Romy Gill

Chef and food writer Romy Gill sought inspiration from the food of her childhood in West Bengal for her debut cookbook, Zaika. It celebrates regional, vegan Indian dishes, from warming dhals to zingy salads.

Where to eat the world's best tiramisu

Whether you’re after a classic tiramisu or a daring interpretation, these are the top spots to try it in Italy and the UK.

Getting to know dessert wines from Australia to Italy

From Australia’s treacly ‘stickies’ to the light, frothy asti of Italy, dessert wines are as distinct as the countries that produce them. 

The National Geographic Traveller Food Festival 2020

Experience the world through food and travel.

What they’re eating in Newcastle

From mackerel flatbreads on the beach to a local pottery studio that serves sumptuous shakshuka, Newcastle’s food scene is thriving.

Meet the makers: the couple behind Manchester Gin

Seb Heeley and Jen Wiggins have taken their gin business from their dining room to a shiny new distillery – and picked up awards along the way.

A taste of Wexford: Ireland's emerging culinary destination

Where are the best places to eat in Wexford? We explore Ireland's emerging foodie hotspot, and give recommendations on what to try, where to go and the best food tours.

What they’re eating in Puglia

Once one of Italy’s most overlooked culinary destinations, Puglia is now firmly on the map for its plant-based dishes, pristine seafood and rising crop of converted farmhouses offering gourmet experiences.

Getting to know Milan’s neo-trattorias

Chefs in Italy’s fashion capital are turning away from traditional trattorias and conventional fine dining to offer something entirely different.

Seoul's top 8 barbecue joints

From classic galbi sal ribs to dry-aged meats, here's where to find the best barbecue in the South Korean capital.

Why Germany's laid-back city of Freiburg has become a magnet for culinary aficionados

Freiburg im Breisgau is Germany's secret foodie capital. Discover the region's food and wine heritage, and find out what to eat and where to go for the city's best restaurants.