18 Surreal City Photos Suggest the Future Has Arrived

What will cities of the future look like? National Geographic's Your Shot community offers intriguing ideas. Thursday, 9 November

By 2050, about three-quarters of the world's population will live in cities. What will the new metropolis look like? It stands to be denser and taller, but also smarter.

On National Geographic's Your Shot, members all over the world captured a vision of the future: Their images show innovative ideas meant to help cities and the people in them thrive sustainably.

The assignment resulted in more than 4,000 images that showed cities both new and old, gleaming and dilapidated. Your Shot Director Monica Corcoran curated this gallery from the many sweeping, creative pictures.

These photos were submitted to Your Shot. Check out the website, where you can share photos, take part in assignments, lend your voice to stories, and connect with fellow photographers from around the globe.

The story is part of a special series that explores energy issues. For more, visit The Great Energy Challenge.