The Best Camera Bags for Travellers

Our photo engineer tested over 40 camera bags, so you don't have to.Thursday, 26 April 2018

By Tom O'Brien

Whether travelling to another continent or just around town, it never hurts to have a great bag to safely carry your camera gear. One that can handle the rigors of travel—or carry more than just your camera—is a plus. National Geographic photo engineer Tom O'Brien researched and tested over 40 bags from 15 manufacturers. Some gear travelled from Baja California to Washington D.C. to be tested in a multitude of situations. Whether you’re planning a backcountry expedition or a trip to an urban jungle, browse our favourites to see what gear works best for you.

Adventure Bags

If your travels take you quite literally off the beaten path, check out these hiking- and outdoor-ready camera bags. They’re equipped to handle everything you—or the wilderness—can throw at them.

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Urban Bags

If your exploration plunges you into the depths of the urban jungle, these city-focused camera bags help you get the job done while keeping a low profile.

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Luxury Bags

For travellers of exceptionally discerning taste, these handcrafted bags are both brilliant camera totes and wonderful style accessories.

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All-Around Bags

Jack-of-all trades, master of none, these winning bags earn a category all their own. Each has its own special features that qualify it as a great all-around bag.

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Bag Inserts

If you’re already satisfied with your travel bag, but need a safe way to store your camera gear, padded camera insert bags may be the perfect fit.

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Tom O'Brien is a mechanical engineer and the photo engineer for National Geographic magazine. He designs and builds custom equipment for the photographers of the magazine. You can follow him on Instagram @Mechanicalphoto.