Portraits of Courage, Explosions of Colour and Landscapes of Ice: Your Photos of the Week

Each week, our editors choose stunning photos submitted by members of Your Shot, National Geographic's photo community.

Published 11 Aug 2019, 09:20 BST

Communication is undeniably easier for people today than ever before through smartphones, the internet, and our ability to document the world around us on a moment’s notice. As part of a global photo community, Your Shot photographers have a unique ability to share their lives with each other, through the good and the bad.

This week, Your Shot had some good news come through our uploads. Megan Loeks has been a Your Shot photographer since 2016. This week she shared a portrait of her son taking his last chemotherapy treatment for leukemia after three years. The soft light is reminiscent of a Renaissance painting, styled with little details like his pill bottles, a Captain America shield, and blurred iconography in the background offering hope and metaphorical rays of sunshine.

I’m grateful for photographers like Megan who share these moments in their lives with us. I’m grateful for the people on the other side of their lenses, like her son, who are brave and trusting enough to let their likeness be made on camera and shared with the world. I’m grateful that photography lets us share these kinds of moments from around the world, allowing us to feel emotions, good and bad, along with people we may never meet. Photography is just powerful like that.

Associate Photo Editor Kristen McNicholas looks at daily uploads from Your Shot, starting each day by sifting through thousands of photographs. This series is a selection of her favorites from the past week.
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