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Food writer Kay Plunkett-Hogge has spent more than half her life in Thailand, cooking and collecting recipes. According to her, this is the one curry paste you should always make from scratch.

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A Filipino classic, adobo is rich, tangy and easy to make. If you can’t find cane vinegar, use apple cider vinegar instead.

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You could make this dish with any wild rice, but Camargue red rice, grown on marshland, is nutty and chewy, and adds a pop of colour.

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Ricky Saward's cabbage rolls are a tasty — and elegantly served — vegetarian option.

How to make it: Nathan Outlaw's plaice with mussels and samphire

With most of my dishes, Mother Nature does the hard work. Here, the earthy sweetness of plaice pairs well with sweet and slightly bitter mussels.

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Artist and chef Alberto Bourdeth’s take on traditional mastello (slow-roasted lamb or goat) adds extra herbs and spices for bright, fragrant flavours.

How to make the perfect poutine

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A slow-cooked dish flavoured with bhunoed onions and whole spices.

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Learn how to make this classic Lucknowi dish

How to make it: Julian’s kusksu bil-ful recipe

Family gatherings are big affairs in Malta, where meals are slow-cooked and every last bite is savoured. This soup is usually eaten in spring, when ful (broad beans) are in season. If kusksu (pasta beads) proves tricky to find, use giant couscous instead

How to make it: Janneke Hendrikx’s pepernoten recipe

These tiny festive cookies are traditionally associated with St Nicholas celebrations on 5 December, and are flavoured with warm spices that were imported from Indonesia during the colonial era. Children in the Netherlands eat them like sweets; Janneke enjoys them as an accompaniment to afternoon tea or coffee

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My family loved it so much that my grandmother even asked me for the recipe, which is a really big deal

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This easy ‘battleship’ sushi comes from vegan restaurant Youmiko, in central Warsaw.