Ruthmery Pillco Huarcaya

Photograph by Taylor Schuelke
Published 21 Apr 2022, 16:19 BST

Ruthmery Pillco is a Peruvian biologist working on conservation and biodiversity projects in the rainforests of Costa Rica and Peru. In Costa Rica, she leads rare and threatened tree conservation projects on the Osa Peninsula, making inventories of flora, collecting seeds, and germinating threatened trees to later be used in restoration projects. A member of the IUCN group of tree specialists, she has collaborated with the Global Tree Campaign to assess the IUCN conservation status of endemic trees on the Osa Peninsula. In Peru, she leads an Andean bear conservation project for nonprofit Conservación Amazónica-ACCA in the Peruvian Andes of Manú National Park.

Explorer - Ruthmery Pillco
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