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Australia after the bushfires: Ray Mears returns to Kangaroo Island

Australia after the bushfires: Ray Mears returns to Kangaroo Island

In the aftermath of the wildfires of early 2020, the British bushcraft expert travelled to South Australia to document the impact on the landscape and wildlife — and the astonishing resilience of the local community.

How I got the shot: photographer Nori Jemil on capturing Turkey’s otherworldly Pamukkale region

Ever wondered what it takes to shoot a National Geographic Traveller photo story? Photographer Nori Jemil shares the tricks and challenges behind her latest assignment.
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Photo story: the essential experiences of Tohoku, East Japan

From relaxing hot springs and engaging kabuki theatre to exhilarating ski runs, Tohoku offers some of Japan's most indelible experiences.

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Photo story: celebrating the characters and creations of London's Chinatown

The food found in Chinatown was once largely Cantonese, but in recent years it’s diversified. Today its outlets specialise in cuisines from all across Asia; the longest queues, though, are outside the bubble tea cafes.

The destinations we’re missing — and how to get a taste of them at home

Go behind the scenes with National Geographic Traveller’s intrepid team. We’re inviting you to stay inspired as we toast our favourite destinations, spill the secrets behind our top trips and evoke the sights, sounds and flavours of each place — all without ever leaving the house. 

Beyond banana bread: five recipes from restaurants around the world to try at home

Pining for restaurants and getting slightly bored in the kitchen? Reinvigorate your time with these five exotic recipes from global restaurants featured in National Geographic Traveller Food magazine — everything from goulash to gunkan maki.

Five simple dishes to master at home

If you’re handy in the kitchen, but keen to broaden your repertoire, why not spend your time perfecting these simple classics?

Stay at home and see the world: five ways to explore during lockdown

Our ability to travel may be drastically reduced for the time being, but there are still plenty of ways to discover some of the world’s most enthralling destinations from the comfort of your home. We’ve grouped a selection together to see you through.

Cooking at the ends of the Earth with Nick Liberato

Restaurateur Nick Liberato has travelled to the far reaches of the globe for the new season of Netflix’s Restaurants on the Edge, which helps struggling chefs create menus to match their restaurants’ spectacular locations.

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Six places to discover in Japan's Kansai region

In the west of the country, Japan’s Kansai brings together 10 prefectures — each with their own charm. There are the glittering metropolises of Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe, but go beyond the bright city lights and there’s so much more to discover. From the lush greens of Tokushima’s forested hills calling out to be hiked to a hidden village in Tottori preserving the area’s unique culture and traditions — Kansai is a prefecture of many faces, steeped in history and spiced with tradition. 

See the world’s natural wonders in real time without leaving your house

From the ethereal ripples of the Aurora Borealis to the majesty of Yosemite Valley’s El Capitan rock face, the Earth’s natural wonders are still out there — even if we can’t travel to see them just now. But, luckily for those of us experiencing wanderlust while on lockdown, webcams can act as live portals to natural vistas far grander than those offered up by our windows. We round up some of the best.

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Our editors' favourite global cookbooks

Eat your way around the world while you stay at home with our team’s top 10 global cookbooks.

A short history of travel guidebooks and why they matter more than ever

As independent travel publishers everywhere struggle in the face of Covid-19, decorated adventurer and Bradt Guides founder Hilary Bradt reflects on the travel guide genre — and what you can do to help it survive.

The travel books to read in 2020: Stanfords reveals its Travel Writing Awards shortlist

The shortlist for the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards, organised by travel book and map store Stanfords, has been revealed. Here, the bookshop shares what made these six reads stand out.

What the travel industry did next

As the travel industry comes under scrutiny for Covid-19 business practices, many companies are launching initiatives to help ease the crisis. From supporting the NHS to sheltering the homeless, we look at positive outreach — and how you can get involved.

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Photo story: a testament to faith and devotion in Ethiopia's rock churches

The rock-hewn churches of Tigray in the Gheralta Mountains have their roots in an age of desert monasticism — it was here in the sub-Saharan kingdom of Aksumite that Christianity was adopted as the state’s sole religion in the fourth century.

Photo story: dining with nomads in Kyrgyzstan

Once a nation of nomads, today’s Kyrgyzstan is dotted with yurts only in summer. For most of the year, Kyrgyz shepherds live settled lives in the valleys, but from June to September, when the lowlands are arid, they move to summer mountain pastures, known as jailoo. 

Photo story: colours and culture in Stone Town, Zanzibar

Ruled for centuries by the Sultanate of Oman, Tanzania’s laid-back archipelago is home to a vibrant blend of African, Islamic and Portuguese architectural and artistic styles.

Photo story: following the wooded waterways of New Brunswick, Canada

Set in the north of New Brunswick, Restigouche County is named for the mighty river that runs through it — a journey that begins in the Appalachian Mountains and ends at the Atlantic coast. Life in this bucolic region is shaped by the river’s meandering path: anglers and canoeists are drawn to the Restigouche’s crystal waters, while the forests that tumble down to its banks are a playground for campers and birders, and home to the curious pastime of moose calling.

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Artisan bakes and ancient grains: nine British bakeries doing things differently

Baltic Wild sourdough, cinnamon buns, scalded rye and bara brith are among the delectable wares on offer. And though they might be out of reach right now, you'll want to be first in line when normal service resumes.

Photo story: the London tradition of pie 'n' mash

There can be few institutions more synonymous with the East End of London than pie ’n’ mash shops.

Giant spiders and harpy eagles: discovering the jungles of Guyana

The interior of this South American nation is a natural kingdom presided over by giant spiders and armoured fish, but in its eco-lodges and villages, indigenous Amerindian communities are navigating a new era in the development of their wilderness.

Fifty shades of green: reflecting on a decade of environmentally-driven innovation in Stockholm

Scandinavia is often a byword for environmentally driven innovation, and a wander through the Swedish capital proves the city is green  in more ways than one.

Cafe culture: celebrating 20 of Europe's greatest cafes

Meeting places, melting pots and more than just a spot for coffee, the cafe is a true cornerstone of European culture. From Moscow to Madrid, we celebrate 20 of the best greatest cafes on the Continent.

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Rwanda: searching for gorillas in the mist

As one of only two countries in the world where it’s safe to go gorilla tracking, Rwanda is leading the way as a conservation powerhouse and ploughing the revenue from its permit fees back into its national parks.

Mountains, myths and monsters: exploring the folklore of Austria's dramatic Hochkonig region

Adventures can be adrenalin-fuelled or intimate — after hiking, biking, sliding or caving, relax in Alpine villages, where herbalists and brewers share their elixirs.

New Mexico: the weird, wild and wonderful heartland of the American Southwest

The soaring canyons and sagebrush plains of northern New Mexico have attracted artists, spiritual seekers and free thinkers for over a century.

Life in balance: human tales from the wild Galápagos Islands

Who lives on the Galápagos Islands? We meet the residents who have learned to coexist with the islands' rare and endangered wildlife.

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Meet the maker: the woman behind the world's most sought-after pistachios

In Sicily, Laura Lupo makes products such as pesto and torrone from her own highly prized Bronte pistachios.

What they're eating in Beirut

Topped flatbreads, heritage grains and Armenian cuisine are all on the menu in the Lebanese capital.

Sour, salty, sweet: getting a taste for Filipino cuisine

From spit-roasted lechon pork to vinegar-soaked adobo stew, the stars of Filipino food are beginning to make their mark on big-city menus the world over. And the best way to get to know this cuisine is by exploring the capital, Manila.