Mozambique: To the tip of the inselberg

Nic raises a hand and ushers us into single file behind a tall, thick-trunked tree. I reason that maybe the feisty bull elephant won’t catch our scent like this

Civil war devastated wildlife - here's how it bounced back

In 1977, a 15-year civil war broke out in Mozambique. Wildlife populations in Gorongosa National Park plummeted as a side effect of the war. After years of rebuilding and protection, a 2018 aerial count revealed good news for Gorongosa wildlife.

Mozambique: Beyond the beaches

Dazzling, white sand beaches might be one of the main draws in Mozambique, but venture deeper and this overlooked, unspoilt corner of Africa comes into its own — from Maputo, its rough-edged, art-soaked capital, to intimate encounters with wildlife.

Notes from an author: Alex Perry

Where does a war correspondent go for R&R? To Mozambique’s scattered Quirimbas islands, an archipelago that rises up out of the Indian Ocean, and is often no more than golden mounds of sand

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