The amazing leopard’s leap

As most plants wither and die, the kigelia tree bursts into flower - offering a unique ambush opportunity for the most cunning of cats. Footage taken from the show The Flood.

Watch a bird outsmart a leopard in this wild goose chase

A leopard, known as Hosana, stalks a family of Egyptian geese. One of the goose parents feigns an injury to distract the leopard from the goose chicks. Feigning injury to lure a predator away from chicks is a common behaviour for these geese, but rarely caught on camera. Hosana concedes and retreats back to eat an impala that he’d recently killed.

Watch a hyena and leopard share a meal—before a surprise upsets their truce

A male leopard, known as Hosana to safari guides, and a hyena are feeding on the body of a pregnant ungulate. They stole the kill from the leopard’s half-sister, named Thandi. Both tear at the carcass to eat as quickly as possible, in an opportunistic tug-of-war. The big leopard is called Tingana, who is the father of Hosana. A three-way leopard stand-off ensues. The carcass, stolen for the second time, seems to be in the firm grasp of Tingana. Hosana and Thandi wait at the bottom of the tree in case the big leopard drops his prize. Tingana victoriously urinates on the ground below, marking his territory.

Dhofar: Where leopards roam

The steep, scrubby slopes of the Jabal Samhan Nature Reserve are home to the last Arabian leopards, although the chances of spotting one are almost non-existent

Two Leopard Sisters Mate with Same Male in Rare Video

It is incredibly rare that a male leopard should mate with two females who are sisters – leopards are solitary, territorial animals—so sharing a mate in close proximity is unusual. The older female is now raising a litter of cubs, and it is possible that this mating in November 2017 resulted in the litter.

Watch a Rare Video of a Leopard Playing With Its Food

Watch a leopard use the jaw bone of the animal it has just killed to open up the carcass and find out if this is an example of a big cat using a tool.

Watch a Leopard Pounce On an Unsuspecting Warthog

Watch Hukumuri, a young male leopard new to Djuma, who is roaming free and taking down warthogs.

Hyenas Gang Up Against A Leopard

A male leopard, Hukumuri, tries to hide his meal from a group of scavenging hyenas. When reinforcements arrive, Hukumuri must make a decision to dine – or split.

Wild Leopard Plays With a Tourist's Foot

Saw what happens when this curious wild leopard approaches a safari vehicle in Botswana's Okavango Delta and why this might encourage risky behaviour by the big cats in future.

Watch: Leopard and Buffalo 'Kiss' In Rare Moment Caught on Film

See what happens when a leopard attempts to hunt a buffalo but the herd turns the tables with a very surprising outcome.

This Rescued Kitten Isn't Just Any Cat—It's a Wild Leopard Cat

Discover why rescuing this abandoned kitten was probably not a good idea. 

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