Watch a young sperm whale dive in the winter seas off Norway

Andreas B. Heide, a free-diver and captain of the research vessel Barba captured this remarkably intimate footage of a young male sperm whale diving off the coast of Norway. Read the accompanying article here. 

Watch a young sperm whale dive in the winter seas off Norway

Free-diver Andrews B. Heide captures what could be the first footage of a sperm whale diving off the coast of Norway in winter.

A guide to ethical whale tourism in the 21st century

The more we learn about whales, the more fascinating and complex they appear to be. But what role does whale-watching play in their conservation? And what positive practices are destinations employing to protect these giants of the ocean?

Dolphin Talk Decoded

Who needs text messages? Dolphins have a multitude of weird communications, from blowing bubbles to swimming in-sync. Footage from the show "World's Weirdest".

Jackal on the hunt

A jackal goes to extraordinary measures in order to successfully score a meal. Footage from the show "Gangster Jackals".

Humpback whales make a ‘heat run’

After a 4500 km migration across the open ocean, these humpback whales are ready for one of nature's wildest mating rituals. Footage taken from the show Wonders of the Ocean.

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