British Columbia: into the blue

Whether you’re witnessing whales leaping from the waves or slowly gliding through the water in a kayak, BC’s oceans are all about relishing in the now. Claus Eckbo tell us all about his love of water.

British Columbia: the power of mountains

Melissa Taylor, from Grouse Mountain Resorts, explains how the call of BC’s peaks is one of peace and serenity, sparking a love of the outdoors and a deep sense of gratitude to all who visit.

British Columbia: following a forest path

Chiaxst’n is a guide and cultural ambassador for Talaysay Tours. Here, he talks about his Eden: British Columbia’s ancient forests, where as soon as you pull on your boots, a sense of serenity washes over you.  

Discovering the simple pleasures of the Wye Valley's riverside routes and market towns

The river-veined valley that bills itself as the birthplace of British tourism is an ageless scene. The Wye’s simple pleasures — chattering birdlife, slow-moving boats and walking trails weaving through steep, squirrelly beechwoods to views of the castle-studded Welsh borders — have long had the power to seduce, inspiring authors, artists and even a poetic tribute from Wordsworth.

Meet the adventurer: Garrett Fisher on chasing glaciers around the world

The American photographer and pilot is on a mission to capture as many glaciers as he can, leaning out of his single-engine plane with a camera, before they disappear. Here, he talks about working in the Alps and creating a record of images for future generations.

The interview: adventure guide Brian Cross on the lure of British Columbia’s peaks

A born-and-bred British Columbian, Brian shares his passion for the peaks he calls  home — and how best to tackle them.

Into the blue: six ways to enjoy British Columbia’s healing waters

Backed by the lake-studded Rocky Mountains and pounded by the Pacific Ocean, Canada’s most ecologically diverse province is home to almost infinite watery wonders, from beachside strolls to kayaking. Here are six to get you started.

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