Meet An Endangered Baby Eastern Black Rhino

"2nd August, 2018 – This newborn male Eastern black rhino was born at the U.K.’s Chester Zoo on 31st July, 2018. After a 15-month pregnancy, twelve-year-old mother Malindi delivered her calf in just half an hour. The unnamed calf began running around soon after. Zookeepers have observed regular feedings, and report that the calf and mother have bonded quickly. Black rhinos are largely solitary, except for mothers with calves. The pair is part of the Chester Zoo’s rhino breeding and conservation program. Eastern black rhinos are one of four black rhino subspecies, and they are critically endangered. Only approximately 650 Eastern black rhinos exist in the wild. Black rhino numbers have declined by more than 90% since the early twentieth century. The decline largely is a result of illegal poaching, and the demand for rhino horns is increasing."

Watch Rare Baby Rhino Toddle Around At UK Zoo

Meet this bundle of joy born on  May 3, 2018 at the Chester Zoo in the UK. The soon-to-be-named calf and his mom, Asha, reportedly are doing well and keepers describe the calf as a very confident, adventurous young rhino.

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