Discover the world’s largest urban rooftop farm.

In Paris, farming on a rooftop is not just an idea. Here crops are grown without soil with a specialised system of pipes that showers a nutrient-rich water mixture. Footage from the show Europe from Above.

Why mist and mountains make great coffee

Journey high into the Andes to discover the secrets behind Colombian coffee.

A Costa Rican coffee farmer is taking steps toward total sustainability

With the support of an agronomist, a forward-thinking farmer has been working to close the loop on his sustainable coffee farm.

Easing the impact of climate change on coffee growers

Nespresso's new crop insurance helps small Colombian coffee growers manage increasingly unpredictable weather.

Securing a livelihood for generations of coffee farmers

Nespresso's Farmer Future Programme includes a pension fund that helps Colombian coffee growers save for retirement and transfer their legacy to the next generation.

The cultural impact of quality coffee

Rena Effendi reflects on her travels with Nespresso discovering the passion, heritage and craft behind incredible coffee and the people who bring it to life.

Savor the flavours of an ancient coffee

Ethiopia pours the traditions, culture, and history of coffee's birthplace into each cup.

Bringing coffee back to the rainmakers

A troubled history has impacted smallholders in the Rwenzori mountains and their relationship with the coffee they grow. But a refocus on quality and fair price is beginning to make reparations.

Growing coffee for brighter futures in Zimbabwe

With Nespresso’s support, Zimbabwean smallholder farmers are reviving a once thriving coffee industry, and reaping rich rewards.

Revitalizing Zimbabwe's coffee farms through education

Nespresso supports farmers to grow better beans, driving change in their communities.

Farming coffee continues to grow hope in Caquetá, Colombia

Reviving a high-quality coffee culture is empowering Colombian farmers to build a brighter future.

Preventing a world without coffee

The Jalapa region, where some of Guatemala's best-quality coffee is grown, suffers from soil erosion, but an agroforestry programme is helping farmers secure their future and the world’s supply of quality coffee.

Forests Are the Forgotten Climate Solution, Experts Say

International environmental groups gathering this week will try to devise a plan to use trees to save the planet.

Italy's Olive Trees Are Dying. Can They Be Saved?

In southern Italy, bacteria are ruining groves and uprooting traditions. But scientists and growers are fighting back.

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