A culinary guide to Mexico City

From casual cantinas to smart seafood restaurants, the Mexican capital is full of flavour, with a culinary heritage that draws on influences including Aztec, Spanish and Lebanese.

Editors’ picks: 10 snacks to try from around the world

When hunger strikes between meals, seek inspiration from the cuisines of the world. From Portugal’s pasteis de nata to India’s Parsi eggs, here are 10 of our editors’ favourite bites.

A culinary journey through Jerusalem's street food scene

Want a true taste of the Holy City? Follow your nose through its eclectic neighbourhoods and tuck into its delicious grab-and-go street food. 

A culinary guide to Sanità, the atmospheric Naples neighbourhood on the up

Explore the revitalised district of Sanità to find authentic pizza restaurants, unique pastry, washing line-strung streets and a cathedral-sized ossuary carved into the rock.

Six vegan and vegetarian barbecue ideas from around the world

From Mexican-style corn to Middle Eastern baba ganoush, there are plenty of ways to liven up your barbecue for vegetarians and vegans – it just takes a little research and imagination.

Gordon Ramsay – Uncharted: Watch the Trailer

Gordon Ramsay is on a mission to immerse himself in new cultures, dishes and flavours. From Peru, Laos and Morocco to Hawaii, Alaska and New Zealand, Ramsay travels the globe in his never-ending pursuit of culinary inspiration. Gordon Ramsay Uncharted on National Geographic.

Try before you fly: the UK’s top Thai restaurants and where to find them

From jungle curries in Northern Thailand to seafood in the south, find inspiration for your next trip to Thailand by first exploring the UK’s burgeoning food scene

Watch the Japanese art of soba noodle making

Known for its nutty flavour, soba is a centuries-old staple of Japanese cuisine. The noodles are made by combining buckwheat flour and water. The dough is kneaded, rolled out, and cut evenly into thin noodles, similar in thickness to spaghetti. Gaining popularity in the 1600s during Japan's Edo period, the eating of soba noodles grew due to their health benefits and ability to prevent beriberi, a disease caused by thiamin (vitamin B-1) deficiency. Today, you can find soba noodles in restaurants around the world, served chilled with dipping sauce (zaru soba) or in a warm broth (bukkake soba).

A taste of Mumbai

Take a street food tour of India's most lively city with former Bake Off finalist and rising star food author, Chetna Makan

Berlin: Table to table

A many-headed culinary beast, Berlin’s foodie scene is full of surprises

Food: Lisbon

From cheap and cheerful to refined, Portugal’s capital is a foodie mecca

Eat: Melbourne

Known for its quality of life, Melbourne is just as famous for its obsession with food, wine and coffee. But in a city with so much culinary flair, it can be hard to know where to start

I heart my city: New York

As part of our March cover story, we asked a selection of writers from around the globe which cities have stolen their hearts

Food: Macau

Chef and TV presenter Jonathan Phang reveals his insider tips on the best places to eat in China's former Portuguese colony

Food: Baja California

You could be forgiven for thinking Tijuana is a low-budget Las Vegas. But beyond its seedy strip is Mexico's fastest-growing gastronomic hub

Food: Reykjavik

Great British Menu star and restaurant owner/chef Richard Bainbridge reveals his foodie picks in the Icelandic city

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