A culinary guide to Osaka, Japan's party city

A culinary guide to Osaka, Japan's party city

If you want to understand just how revered beer is in Japan, then head to Osaka. The nation’s party city positively effervesces with new craft breweries, old izakayas and cosy hole-in-the-wall bars.

Everything you need to know about travel during the coronavirus outbreak

A compilation of stories and reports covering the coronavirus outbreak across the globe, brought to you by the experts at National Geographic Traveller (UK) and National Geographic.


Three alternative Italian weekend escapes

With so many lakes, mountains and UNESCO-listed sites, Italy has no shortage of stunning locations to while away a few days. These oft-overlooked spots promise a unique break.

Meet the village artisans keeping traditions alive in Le Marche, Italy

For artisan skill, there’s nowhere in Italy like Le Marche, a central region populated with family businesses that handcraft paper from hemp, weave basket bags for Italy’s biggest fashion houses, and stitch the leather balls used in an ancient sport.

What to do in Nidderdale, Yorkshire

With serene valleys and geological drama, this quiet corner of the Yorkshire Dales is one of the region’s most beautiful secrets.

Discover the culture and climate of the Arctic at a major new British Museum exhibition

The land of the midnight sun takes centre stage in a major new exhibition at London’s British Museum.

Discover the Northumberland cafe reachable only at low tide

Inaccessible from the mainland during twice-daily high tides, Pilgrims Coffee, on Northumberland’s remote Holy Island, offers home-roasted beans and locally sourced dishes with a side serving of adventure — and even has a bed for emergency sleepovers.


The complete guide to exploring Greenwich, London

Head to this nautical nook in the southeast of the capital for parkland walks, riverside pubs and centuries of history on the high seas.

A cultural journey through Coimbra, the former Portuguese capital

The old city rises from the banks of the Mondego River to the lofty heights of its hilltop university, Coimbra’s beating heart. Ascend its cobbled streets to find history, art and architecture peeping around every corner.

The ultimate hotel guide to Kuala Lumpur

With its buzzing neighbourhoods and glittering skyline, Malaysia’s ever-changing capital is home to some of the most affordable five-star stays in the world.

Three Indonesian recipes from Lara Lee's Coconut and Sambal cookbook

These three recipes — chicken nasi goreng, spiced corn fritters and lamb martabak — are all from from Lara Lee's debut cookbook, which she describes as a love letter to her Indonesian heritage.

No-fly travel

Without wings: 11 no-fly adventures for 2020

Whether you'd like to travel responsibly or want to reduce your carbon footprint from flying, these 2020 overland trips have no flying involved.


Photo story: celebrating Holi festival in India's Braj region

The vibrant hues of Holi are recognisable the world over, but this time-honoured Hindu festival of colour has its roots firmly in the subcontinent. In the cities of Vrindavan, Nandgaon, Barsana and Mathura some of the most spectacular Holi celebrations take place, transcending their religious origins and uniting people from all over the globe.
National Geographic Traveller (UK)
Sept/Oct 2020
Off the beaten track in Italy
by National Geographic Traveller
Whether it’s an urban, coastal or countryside adventure you seek, there are plenty of alternative ways to discover this timeless destination.
Photograph by Francesco Lastrucci

The Sept/Oct 2020 issue of National Geographic Traveller (UK) pulls back the curtain on some of Italy’s unsung experiences, including meeting village artisans in Le Marche, heading out on a road trip through historic Puglia and spending a perfect day in Trieste. Whether it’s an urban, coastal or countryside adventure you seek, there are plenty of alternative ways to discover this timeless destination.

Elsewhere in the issue, we trail Kenya’s Maasai Mara conservancies on foot, explore the dramatic, storied Coastal Way in Wales, spend a long weekend in Cappadocia, Turkey, and celebrate the colours of India’s Holi festival. Our urban stories shine a light on Osaka, Palma, Kuala Lumpur, Mexico City, Buffalo and Lausanne. Plus, we discover Australia’s new Museum of Underwater Art, new UK outdoor exhibitions and installations, take a walking tour of Coimbra’s cobbled streets, and pull together a quick guide to exploring Nidderdale.

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The Sept/Oct 2020 issue of National Geographic Traveller
Photograph by Clockwise from top left: Richard James Taylor, Greg Funnell, Prabir Mitra, Ben Weller.

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The story behind the classic French dish boeuf bourguignon

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Breaking bread: an Alpine family feast in Courmayeur, Italy

In Courmayeur, in the shadow of Mont Blanc, family meals are hearty affairs, involving plenty of cheese and suitably mountainous portions of carbonara and focaccia. Pull up a chair — dinner is served.

A taste of Pembrokeshire, from local gin to crab rarebit

Across the Welsh county of Pembrokeshire, producers and chefs are upping their game, elevating fresh, seasonal and local ingredients to the very top of the menu.

Beirut and beyond: why I can't wait to travel in Lebanon again

Before the pandemic, Lebanon’s star was rising; its mountains, vineyards and Roman ruins were capturing the attention of British tour operators and travellers alike. In the wake of the devastating explosion in Beirut’s port in August 2020, Sam McManus, managing director of YellowWood Adventures, reflects on a memorable, month-long trip last year, and makes a case for the return of tourism.

Join us for our Great Italian Food Journey with Aldo Zilli – 24 November 2020

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Meet the instagrammer: @isabeleats on Mexican-American cuisine

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Five things you need to know about travel insurance in the age of coronavirus

With much of the world declared off-limits in recent months by the UK government, and travel corridor confusion ever present, insurance companies are starting to offer policies for those determined to keep travelling during the pandemic.

A local's guide to Sicilian gastronomy

Food is done a little differently on Italy’s largest island. One local explains the principal flavours, and shares the restaurants not to miss.

My life in food: Romesh Ranganathan on Ethiopian cuisine, bizarre food experiences and his mum’s top-secret spice blend

The comedian talks all things culinary, from falling in love with coconut sambal in Sri Lanka to why he’ll never take photographs of his dinner.

How to spend 14 hours in Osaka

From visiting one of the country's most recognisable landmarks to sipping a Japanese brew, here's what not to miss in this metropolis.

Photo gallery: celebrating Holi festival in India's Braj region

Magenta, yellow, crimson, blue — the vibrant hues of Holi are recognisable the world over, but this time-honoured Hindu festival of colour has its roots firmly in the subcontinent. In the cities of Vrindavan, Nandgaon, Barsana and Mathura, in the Braj region of Uttar Pradesh, some of the most spectacular Holi celebrations take place, transcending their religious origins and uniting people from all over the globe

Food writer Fuschia Dunlop on Sichuan's firey cuisine

The writer and author of The Food of Sichuan explores the unique flavours of this Chinese province and recommends her three favourite restaurants in its capital, Chengdu. 

My life in food: Kate Bosworth on cheeseburgers, Spanish cuisine and learning to cook for a family

The American actor shares her culinary passions, from eating out in Barcelona to her signature roasted broccoli recipe.

Awakening Celtic legends on a road trip along Wales' Coastal Way

Snaking down the western coast of Wales from the windblown Llŷn Peninsula in the north to the city of St Davids in the south, follow a path of Arthurian myth and Bronze Age mystery along Cardigan Bay.

Cookbook author Lara Lee on Indonesian cuisine

We talk to Australian-born food writer Lara Lee whose debut cookbook offers a culinary love letter to Indonesian dishes that, as she explains, rely on a delicate balance of flavours, textures and ingredients.

Are your refunded flight vouchers still valid for travel?

Struggling to redeem an airline voucher for a cancelled flight? Or starting to worry about the small print? You’re not alone. We investigate the issue, your rights and what to do next.

A look at the new underwater museum bringing Australian Aboriginal culture and reef conservation together

The opening of the Museum of Underwater Art on the Great Barrier Reef, in northern Queensland, is set to unite Aboriginal culture and coral conservation, and showcases a less-frequented section of the 1,429-mile-long natural wonder. 

Notes from an author: Irene Sabatini on finding inspiration in Zimbabwe's landscapes

Still landscapes and encounters with elephants — the scenes and sounds of the Southern African country spark fresh, if unexpected, inspiration.

Meet the maker: Katharina Kock, the German butcher championing air-dried sausages

In central Germany, fifth-generation butcher Katharina Koch makes traditional air-dried sausages, but with a few surprises thrown in.

The case for airport coronavirus testing, and why it matters

The travel industry is pinning its hopes on airport testing to limit quarantine and boost its chances of staggering on through the coronavirus crisis — but is this the magic bullet that will keep us travelling?

The road less travelled: four ultimate Italian journeys by car

The Salento peninsula at the southern tip of Puglia offers a road trip packed with sandy beaches, clifftop cave dwellings, dolmens and towns studded with elaborate, baroque palazzi. But where else stands out for an off-the-beaten-track road trip?