Veganism: a worldwide quest for plant-based perfection

Veganism: a worldwide quest for plant-based perfection

All over the world, the plant-based lifestyle is growing, with chefs putting together amazing new vegan menus. We explore the UK's vegan scene including hotspots in London, and reveal the world's seven best vegan restaurants.


How to spend a weekend on the Cumbrian coast

Resist the lure of the Lake District and instead trace England’s northwest coastline by road or rail, savouring epicurean discoveries and sandy hikes along the way. 

What they're eating in Beirut

Topped flatbreads, heritage grains and Armenian cuisine are all on the menu in the Lebanese capital.

Stories from the Arctic Coast Way, Iceland's epic new road trip

Trace the very edge of the world on a new road trip around Iceland’s northernmost reaches. Here, long summer days spent exploring element-blasted peninsulas and fjords rich in marine life are teamed with stays in cosy fishing towns swirling with stories.

Into the Okavango Delta: a portrait of Africa’s wildest conservation destination

Recent droughts in Botswana's 100-mile-wide alluvial fan have brought together conservationists, local people and new safari concessions in fresh efforts to help protect its life giving headwaters

Travel's new philanthropists

These days, luxury travel is as much about hands-on engagement with a destination as it is opulent escapism, and increasingly that means conservation and community.


Explore while you exercise: 10 ways to travel and stay fit in 2020

From New York to Bangkok, six personal trainers in cities across the globe share the trends that are hot right now — and the ones to look out for in 2020.

Photo story: following the wooded waterways of New Brunswick, Canada

Set in the north of New Brunswick, Restigouche County is named for the mighty river that runs through it — a journey that begins in the Appalachian Mountains and ends at the Atlantic coast. Life in this bucolic region is shaped by the river’s meandering path: anglers and canoeists are drawn to the Restigouche’s crystal waters, while the forests that tumble down to its banks are a playground for campers and birders, and home to the curious pastime of moose calling.

Frequent flyer: Ultra-long-haul flights

Qantas is testing routes from Sydney to New York and London — so what do we need to know about the feasibility and health implications of ultra-long-haul flights?  

A city guide to Dubrovnik

Croatia’s southernmost city may be famous for its dramatic ramparts and picture-perfect Adriatic views, but there’s a more engaging way to explore. Slip into side streets packed with seafood restaurants, paddle to islets, and explore sleepy satellite towns.


Sandy vines and subtle wines in Lisbon's underrated wine region

From the sandy vines of Colares to the ‘sweet spot’ of Alenquer, Lisbon's underrated wine region is producing reds and whites as complex and singular as the local landscape.

Breaking bread in Nashville: the smoky taste of Tennessee

Pitmaster Pat Martin spends his working day barbecuing and his free time grilling — two very different things if you’re in the American South, where cooking is as much about the journey as the destination.

My life in food: Diane Morgan on curries, chippies and cheese

The comedian and actor best known for playing Philomena Cunk discusses curries, Aussie cuisine and her favourite fish and chip shop.
National Geographic Traveller (UK)
January/February 2020
Vietnam: from top to toe
By National Geographic Traveller
On and off the beaten track — from Ha Long Bay to Ho Chi Minh City and everything in between
Photograph by Nico Avelardi

In this issue, we're taking a top to bottom look at Vietnam, tracing the country’s numerous highlights from north to south. A go-to destination for everyone from solo backpackers and families to hikers, bikers and birdwatchers, Vietnam retains its irresistible allure despite its growing popularity.

Plus, embark on a conservation-led safari in Botswana’s Okavango Delta; follow the new Arctic Coast Way in Iceland; meet the characters of New Brunswick’s Restigouche River in Canada; and spend a long weekend in Cumbria.

Free with the magazine, National Geographic Traveller Food highlights 20 ‘slow burners’, whether complex or comfort, the dishes that require time, effort and a long simmer. Lisbon’s underrated wines are under the spotlight, Nashville’s smoky barbecue flavours are explored and the Italian classic tiramisu is deconstructed.

Read more in the January/February 2020 issue — SUBSCRIBE TODAY

Read more in the January/February 2020 issue
Photograph by Emma Gregg (Botswana), Chris Van Hove (Sydney), Getty (Iceland), Richard James Taylor (Canada)

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Can we save the coral reefs?

Climate change and rising sea temperatures are a growing threat to the world’s coral reefs. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef experienced mass bleaching in both 2016 and 2017, but has shown signs of recovery — is there hope for the future? 

The best luxury stays in Latin America

From works of architectural genius and hotels that double as art galleries, to eco-retreats and community tourism initiatives, these outstanding feats of accommodation are far more than simply places to stay.

The pioneer: Analiese Gregory on her life lessons from global kitchens

New Zealand-born Analiese Gregory has foraged in France, mastered complex gastronomy in Spain and cooked camel in Morocco. Now she’s taken over the kitchen of Franklin in Tasmania, she’s found somewhere that feels like home. 

Changing tides: redefining Sydney's iconic waterfronts

Australia’s largest city is built around ocean inlets, beaches and an iconic harbour, but changing economic and environmental tides are shifting the shape of its landscape.

Is your travel photography ethical?

Fines are now being issued to tourists in Kyoto who photograph Geishas without their consent. Are we entering an era where common sense must be enforced?

The five best beaches in Vietnam's south

From Nha Trang with its lively stretch of sand lined with food stalls to the largely undiscovered gem of Ghenh Rang, we round up the best beaches in Vietnam's south.

On location: where to eat in Bruton

The sleepy Somerset town is home to a world-class art gallery, a hot-ticket hotel and plenty of great-tasting local cheese.

Meet the adventurer: Matt Wright

The adventurer and star of National Geographic Wild show Monster Croc Wrangler is no stranger to extreme conditions and survival instincts.

How Argentinians bring fun and flamboyance to football

Firecrackers, flares and all-out theatre — when it comes to football, nowhere compares to Argentina, where the fanatic fans are as much of a show as the match itself.

Changing tides: redefining Sydney's iconic waterfronts

Australia’s largest city is built around ocean inlets, beaches and an iconic harbour, but changing economic and environmental tides are shifting the shape of its landscape.

A five-minute guide to Hanoi

Vietnam’s chaotic capital will seduce travellers who get under its skin and explore the historic quarters and fast-developing arts scene. 

From Japan to Iran: the best new cookbooks

From Japan's plethora of skilled chefs and food producers to over 70 Persian-inspired recipes, these are the latest batch of books we're excited about.

Notes from an author: Joanna Kavenna on Macau

The ‘Las Vegas of the East’ provides surreal inspiration for an absurdist thriller set in a dystopian world of big tech.

Making a case for schnaps

It may have an uneven reputation, but seek out authentic schnaps and you’ll find a clean, fruity liqueur that can invigorate a classic cocktail.

Five ways with ginger

Fresh, pickled or powdered, this root adds a kick in both flavour and fragrance.

A neighbourhood guide to Brooklyn

The borough that birthed the global hipster phenomenon is as cool as ever — now its lesser-known neighbourhoods are shaking off their reputations and reinventing themselves as the new Brooklyn.