Grand Canyon: Tackling the rim-to-rim hike

Rack up the miles on a Rim-to-Rim hike of Arizona’s Grand Canyon that includes an overnight stay in the gorge with stargazing, plus cooling waterfalls — a welcome surprise in one of the hottest, driest places on Earth.


From waterfalls to wilderness: exploring Croatia’s Dalmatian hinterlands

Croatia’s coastline sparkles in summer, but the Dalmatian hinterland, Zagora, offers something subtler. Here you can lose yourself amid a landscape of waterfalls and wilderness.

Rwanda: searching for gorillas in the mist

As one of only two countries in the world where it’s safe to go gorilla tracking, Rwanda is leading the way as a conservation powerhouse and ploughing the revenue from its permit fees back into its national parks

Fast tourism: top running tours around the world

Want to exercise mind and body on your travels? Join a running tour and learn all about the sites as you pass them by.

Moon landings: celebrating the Apollo II anniversary in 2019

20 July marks 50 years since the first Moon landing, and celebrations are underway on both sides of the Atlantic.

What's new at Singapore’s Changi Airport

Having picked up a string of accolades, Singapore’s Changi Airport just got even more spectacular.


A city guide to Toronto

In this ever-changing cityscape, a new world of eco-conscious urban planning is bringing community spaces to industrial wastelands — a gradual greening of Canada’s biggest city.

Travel's new philanthropists

These days, luxury travel is as much about hands-on engagement with a destination as it is opulent escapism, and increasingly that means conservation and community.

Airport lounges: How to get in the door

Airport lounges promise to bring a little of the luxury air travel was once associated with, but do you still need to  be a VIP to get access? Rory Boland, Editor of Which? Travel, reveals all.


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Manitoba: Dancing in the dark

Churchill is one of the best places on Earth to view the northern lights. They dance overhead 300 nights a year — but it’s in the frozen months of February and March that the skies are at their clearest and the show really begins


Meeting the MasterChef: an interview with Monica Galetti

The chef and MasterChef judge talks to us about her food heroes, her favourite restaurant in London and how her heritage influences her menu.

Sour notes: getting to know Pisco, the South American brandy

Pisco, the South American brandy, is best known as a cocktail ingredient, but it’s great on the rocks too.

What the locals are eating in St Petersburg

Whether it’s frozen salmon or gherkin soup, traditional dishes are being reimagined in Russia’s second city.


Where to stay in Barbados

Barbados’a traditional landmark hotels have been welcoming visitors for over a century, but this Caribbean island idyll is also home to a crop of chic boutique boltholes, smart self-catering cottages and eco-lodges.


National Geographic Traveller Food Festival


The Masterclasses — 6 October 2019

Want to learn the tricks of the trade? Join us for a full day of expert-led travel writing and photography sessions


Photo story: the landscapes of Cape Verde

Cast around 350 miles off the coast of Senegal, the landscape of this widely scattered Atlantic archipelago veers from one extreme to another.  Lush peaks brood over desolate ashy desert, Martian-red canyons run into white-sand bays, and towns and villages bubble with a distinctive Afro-Portuguese culture.
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The Dolomites: A walk to remember

Here’s why you should be planning to conquer the formidable Dolomiti senza Confini — the ‘Dolomites without Borders’ mountain trail


Win an incredible 14-night adventure to Costa Rica

National Geographic Traveller (UK) has teamed up with TUI Tours to offer a trip of a lifetime to Costa Rica

Win a private dining experience to celebrate 10 years of Trafalgar's Be My Guest

We’ve teamed up with worldwide guided-holiday provider Trafalgar to offer  an unforgettable private dining experience for you and your friends
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Win five novels by bestselling author Wilbur Smith

<em>National Geographic Traveller</em> (UK) has teamed up with bestselling adventure fiction author Wilbur Smith to offer five readers the chance to win a quintet of his novels


Breaking Bread: the Maltese way

Bakeries in Malta aren’t just where loaves are made and sold; they’re where meals are brought to be slow-cooked ahead of family gatherings, at which every bite is savoured and everyone fights for the last scraps of bread and gravy

Family travel

New itineraries for family adventures

Family adventure has never been more popular, and there’s a raft of new trips with which to channel your brood’s intrepid spirit

Have baby, will travel: Where to travel with a baby in tow

We share the best long- and short-haul places for travelling with baby, from Greece to New York and Tuscany
National Geographic Traveller (UK)
July/August 2019
Trips of a lifetime: 20 unforgettable places for 2019
By National Geographic Traveller
We’ve curated a list of travel’s big hitters — from unique experiences and ancient wonders to epic natural attractions
Photograph by Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

In this issue, we're sharing 15 of the most epic trips of a lifetime. The curated list features some of the greatest itineraries in travel — those timeless destinations that have travellers reaching for their passport time and time again.

From safari on the Maasai Mara to geisha culture in Japan, diving in the Great Barrier Reef and misty mornings at Stonehenge, these itineraries will provide plenty of inspiration for the intrepid at heart. 


Follow us as we track gorillas in Rwanda; veer into Croatia’s Dalmatian hinterland; and spend a long weekend in the Finistère. The photo story, meanwhile, meets the nomadic Bedouin people of Jordan. The urban stories this issue include Miami, Valencia, Tokyo, Milan and Toronto.

In our Smart Traveller section we're looking at how the Isle of Wight is going beach chic; Singapore’s new Jewel Changi Airport; the Moon landing’s 50th anniversary celebrations; beaches and bites in Sydney; the best rooms in Cusco; and much, much more. 

Meanwhile, we check out the latest trends in the world of luxury travel, from round-the-world private jet tours to the growing demand for ultra-bespoke tours in Traveller 10. 

PLUS: Win a 14-night trip to Costa Rica with TUI and the annual Travel Writing Competition 2019 is still open, with a chance to win an eight-night trip across Southern Africa with G Adventures:

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Read more in the July/August issue
Photograph by Getty Images