Best of the World: 35 destinations for 2021 and beyond

Best of the World: 35 destinations for 2021 and beyond

Our global travel editors have lined up 35 of the best places our planet has to offer for 2021 and beyond: destinations that speak of resilient communities, smart sustainability efforts and unforgettable experiences for post-pandemic explorations.

Tales of San Francisco, by the residents who know the city best

A guide to the city's five most vibrant neighbourhoods — Castro, Fillmore, Haight-Ashbury, Japantown and Mission — by the locals who know them best.


Beirut and beyond: why I can't wait to travel in Lebanon again

Before the pandemic, Lebanon’s star was rising; its mountains, vineyards and Roman ruins were capturing the attention of British tour operators and travellers alike. In the wake of the devastating explosion in Beirut’s port in August 2020, Sam McManus, managing director of YellowWood Adventures, reflects on a memorable, month-long trip last year, and makes a case for the return of tourism.

A culinary guide to Istanbul, Turkey

The city that straddles Europe and Asia has found its stride and is at last gaining recognition for its creative take on traditional Turkish cuisine.

Four vegetarian Christmas dishes to try

Too few at the table for turkey? Try going meat-free instead. Chefs including Meera Sodha and Anna Jones suggest their favourite festive veggie showstoppers from around the world.

The inside guide to Lausanne, Switzerland's newest cultural centre

Set on the shores of Lake Geneva, the Swiss city is a tour de force of Alpine backdrops, Olympic legends and cultural clout.

Beyond the wings: a new take on American cuisine in Buffalo, New York

Famed for its eponymous wings, New York State’s second-biggest city is finding a new audience for its home-spun fast food. And there’s a distinctly local feel to the city’s take on Americana food culture.


From my city to yours: inside New York’s LGBTQ+ scene with local guide Michael Ventriello

Discover a different side of the Big Apple with Michael Ventriello who offers tours of and insights into the city’s fun-loving, inclusive LGBTQ+ community. Here, he shares his passion for his city and some insider tips.

Meet the adventurer: ice freediver Kiki Bosch on the transformative power of the ocean

Dutch diver Kiki Bosch plunges to extreme depths in the world’s coldest waters as a form of therapy, helping her to deal with the trauma of sexual assault. Now her story is revealed in the award-winning documentary, Descent (2020).

Cheese pilgrimages: the nine destinations that should be on every cheese-lover's bucket list

From the Dutch Cheese Valley to the lush pastures of Normandy and the wild Californian north west, here are the places we think should be on every cheese lover’s bucket list.

Notes from an author: Nuala Ellwood on the wilds of the Yorkshire Dales

In the wilds of the Yorkshire Dales, there’s catharsis to be found in childhood memories of family outings and the calming, invigorating presence of nature.

Everything you need to know about travel during the coronavirus outbreak

A compilation of stories and reports covering the coronavirus outbreak across the globe, brought to you by the experts at National Geographic Traveller (UK) and National Geographic.


Photo story: celebrating Holi festival in India's Braj region

The vibrant hues of Holi are recognisable the world over, but this time-honoured Hindu festival of colour has its roots firmly in the subcontinent. In the cities of Vrindavan, Nandgaon, Barsana and Mathura some of the most spectacular Holi celebrations take place, transcending their religious origins and uniting people from all over the globe.
National Geographic Traveller (UK)
Nov/Dec 2020
Tales of San Francisco
by National Geographic Traveller
One of the world’s most iconic cities, San Francisco is a town of progressives, pioneers, hippies and hipsters, made up of a patchwork of different neighbourhoods.
Photograph by Getty Images

The Nov/Dec issue of National Geographic Traveller (UK) dives into the heart of San Francisco. One of the world’s most iconic cities, this is a town of progressives, pioneers, hippies and hipsters, made up of a patchwork of different neighbourhoods. Discover five of its most dynamic districts through the eyes of the locals for a vibrant portrait of the City by the Bay.

Elsewhere in the issue, we explore the palm-fringed backwaters of Kerala; spend a long weekend in the Scottish Highlands; and follow the storied path of Japan’s Nakasendō Way. We cover the cities of Cape Town, Helsinki, Seville, Montevideo and Vienna, plus, we discover how Berlin’s uber-club Berghain has reinvented itself as an art gallery, the new King Alfred’s Way cycling trail across southern England, Calgary's new hotels, the culinary scene of Jerusalem, and Wales’s wild haven, the Elan Valley.

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The Nov/Dec 2020 issue of National Geographic Traveller
Photograph by Clockwise from top left: Mark Parren Taylor, Jamie Lafferty, Veera Papinoja

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Best of the World: 35 incredible places to discover in 2021 and beyond

Our global travel editors have lined up 35 of the best places our planet has to offer for 2021 and beyond: destinations that speak of resilient communities, smart sustainability efforts and unforgettable experiences for post-pandemic explorations.

Best of the World: six intrepid adventures for 2021 and beyond

This year brings exciting new tours to Turkey, Greenland and Argentina, and with a total solar eclipse in Antarctica, an unforgettable adventure is on the cards.

Best of the World: six places to rediscover nature for 2021 and beyond

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Eight inspiring chocolate creations from restaurants around the world

Some dessert menus are worth travelling for. From an opulent golden orb to a decadent reworking of a thousand-year egg, here’s our pick of the world’s most iconic chocolate creations.

A culinary journey through Jerusalem's street food scene

Want a true taste of the Holy City? Follow your nose through its eclectic neighbourhoods and tuck into its delicious grab-and-go street food. 

Three recipes from Caroline Eden's new Central Asian cookbook, Red Sands

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The artisanal secrets behind Italy’s most precious cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano

Parmigiano Reggiano is Italy’s most celebrated cheese. To merit the name it must come from one of 300 recognised dairies and  be made using age-old techniques. This is a true labour of love — and the proof is in the product.

Four chocolate desserts from around the world to try this Christmas

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How to explore King Alfred's Way, England's newest long-distance cycle route

After an adventure on home turf? Grab your bike and set off on one royally good new cycling route.

Five of the best treehouse escapes for families

If you’ve got a head for heights and fancy somewhere a little different to stay, bed down among the branches in a stylish treehouse. Here’s our pick of the UK’s best.

What are jabuticaba berries? Six things you need to know

The jabuticaba — tart yet sweet and brimming with antioxidants — has long been popular in Brazil, but is little-known across the rest of the world.  We get the lowdown on this mysterious and mighty berry.