A neighbourhood guide to the city of Glasgow

From its underground clubs and centuries-old pubs to its street markets and museums, Glasgow spools out its charms and secrets in an unhurried fashion.

Capturing the Arctic on board a photography expedition cruise

Exploring the far North on a photographic expedition offers a unique perspective on one of the most remote destinations in the world.

Mission accessible: how travel is changing for people with disabilities

Things are changing for travellers with disabilities. Boosted by the spending power of the Purple Pound, travel companies are becoming increasingly savvy about expanding trips tailored for travellers with physical and mental impairments. 

Veganism: a worldwide quest for plant-based perfection

All over the world, the plant-based lifestyle is growing, with chefs putting together amazing new vegan menus. We explore the UK's vegan scene including hotspots in London, and reveal the world's seven best vegan restaurants.

A city guide to the Azerbaijani capital of Baku

With a medieval quarter that preserves Silk Route traditions and a modern, ever-evolving core, the Azerbaijani capital is something of an enigma, even to regular visitors.


Without wings: 11 no-fly adventures for 2020

Whether you'd like to travel responsibly or want to reduce your carbon footprint from flying, these 2020 overland trips have no flying involved.

Life in balance: human tales from the wild Galápagos Islands

Who lives on the Galápagos Islands? We meet the residents who have learned to coexist with the islands' rare and endangered wildlife.

How to spend 14 hours in Detroit

From where to have breakfast to the best cocktail bars, here's our guide to spending 14 hour in Michigan's biggest city.

Searching for Snow Hill, Antarctica's most elusive island

Exploring the frozen waters of Antarctica and watching humpbacks, penguins and towering icebergs from the deck is plain sailing aboard a cruise ship.


What they’re eating in Newcastle

From mackerel flatbreads on the beach to a local pottery studio that serves sumptuous shakshuka, Newcastle’s food scene is thriving.

Getting to know Milan’s neo-trattorias

Chefs in Italy’s fashion capital are turning away from traditional trattorias and conventional fine dining to offer something entirely different.

Waste not: Five UK restaurants cutting down on food waste

With sustainability increasingly on the agenda, restaurants across the UK are doing more to reduce their food waste. Here are five to try

Reader Awards 2019

National Geographic Traveller Reader Awards 2019

Our fifth annual Reader Awards will celebrate the best places, experiences, hotels, operators, authors, podcasts and more, as shortlisted by our judges and voted for by you.

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The Masterclasses — 2 February 2020

Want to learn the tricks of the trade? Join us for a full day of expert-led travel writing and photography sessions.

Win a nine-night trip of a lifetime to Malaysia

We've teamed up with Malaysia Airlines, Four Seasons and Marriott to offer a nine-night trip to Kuala Lumpur and Sarawak.

National Geographic Traveller Photography Competition 2020

The prestigious annual competition is back and open for entries. Have you got what it takes to win?
National Geographic Traveller (UK)
January/February 2020
Vietnam: from top to toe
By National Geographic Traveller
On and off the beaten track — from Ha Long Bay to Ho Chi Minh City and everything in between
Photograph by Getty Images

In this issue, we're taking a top to bottom look at Vietnam, tracing the country’s numerous highlights from north to south. A go-to destination for everyone from solo backpackers and families to hikers, bikers and birdwatchers, Vietnam retains its irresistible allure despite its growing popularity.

Plus, embark on a conservation-led safari in Botswana’s Okavango Delta; follow the new Arctic Coast Way in Iceland; meet the characters of New Brunswick’s Restigouche River in Canada; and spend a long weekend in Cumbria.

Free with the magazine, National Geographic Traveller Food highlights 20 ‘slow burners’, whether complex or comfort, the dishes that require time, effort and a long simmer. Lisbon’s underrated wines are under the spotlight, Nashville’s smoky barbecue flavours are explored and the Italian classic tiramisu is deconstructed.

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Read more in the January/February 2020 issue
Photograph by Emma Gregg (Botswana), Chris Van Hove (Sydney), Getty (Iceland), Richard James Taylor (Canada)

Top five new trails for 2020

Whether cycling or hiking, these epic new trails for 2020 are a byword for adventure.
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Hit the road: three of the best scenic drives around the UK

From a dramatic coastal itinerary in Ireland and a thrilling Scottish circuit, to day drives through a national park, head off on a road adventure around the UK.

Getting to know dessert wines from Australia to Italy

From Australia’s treacly ‘stickies’ to the light, frothy asti of Italy, dessert wines are as distinct as the countries that produce them. 

Ultimate hotel guide: where to stay in Lisbon

From former palaces to chic rooftop hangouts, the Portuguese capital’s hotel offering is as vibrant and varied as the city itself. 

How to spend a weekend on the Cumbrian coast

Resist the lure of the Lake District and instead trace England’s northwest coastline by road or rail, savouring epicurean discoveries and sandy hikes along the way. 

Slow burners: a celebration of 21 complex classics that are well worth the wait

Lamb so soft it’s served with a spoon; fiery red relish made from patiently stewed peppers; rich, smoky dhal, cooked for 24 hours. When it comes to food, it often pays to take it nice and slow. We’ve searched the world for those culinary labours of love, whether it’s comforting dishes that need a long, languid simmer or those complex classics requiring time and effort. Here are 20 of the best slow burners worth travelling — and waiting — for.

Recent droughts in Okavango’s 100-mile-wide alluvial fan have brought together conservationists, local people and new safari concessions in fresh efforts to help protect its life giving headwaters

Recent droughts in Botswana's 100-mile-wide alluvial fan have brought together conservationists, local people and new safari concessions in fresh efforts to help protect its life giving headwaters

Modernism and more: what's new in Palm Springs for 2020

An oasis of architecture in the desert, the California city is throwing open its doors for a special celebration this spring.

A voyage through Assam: cruising along India's Brahmaputra River

A voyage through Assam on the tempestuous Brahmaputra River provides an indelible experience of India, although a sense of adventure and an open mind are essential for navigating the cruise’s twists and turns.

Win a six-night safari in the Maasai Mara

National Geographic Traveller (UK) has teamed up with Asilia Africa to offer an unforgettable six-day, five-night walking safari in the Kenyan wilderness

The National Geographic Traveller Food Festival is back

Experience the world through food and travel.

How King's Cross became London's new creative hub

We explore how the influence of local artists and conservationists saw King's Cross transform from a post-industrial wasteland to London's new creative hub.

Notes from an author: Elisabeth Åsbrink on the Danish village of Blåvand

War brought the Vikings and Nazis to the village of Blåvand. But it’s the sea, sand, sky and a sense of the infinite that draws you back to this coastal spot.

How to cater for an entire ship: a Q&A with chef Franck Garanger of Oceania Cruises

Franck Garanger, Oceania Cruises’ corporate executive chef, on how to cater for an entire cruise ship.

UK escapes: what to do in Wales's Gower Peninsula

We list the best things to do in the Gower Peninsula, Wales, including the best restaurants and hotels, plus the best coastal walks, beaches and towns to visit.

Win a memorable three-night stay at Lake Balaton

National Geographic Traveller (UK) has teamed up with the Hungarian Tourism Agency to offer a memorable three-night stay at Lake Balaton

Caves, vineyards and clifftop castles: life along France's Dordogne River

As the Dordogne river meanders through wooded valleys from Saint-Émilion to the border with the Lot region, it passes honey-stoned towns, dramatic clifftop castles and a smattering of rock shelters, where paintings by some of the first humans still adorn.