Where ocean meets dune: a journey to northern Namibia's Skeleton Coast

Where ocean meets dune: a journey to northern Namibia's Skeleton Coast

The otherworldly landscapes of northwest Namibia — from the windswept dunes of the Skeleton Coast to arid wildernesses of the Hoanib Valley — threaten to upstage both the wildlife and the remote luxury lodges that call it home.

Warrior queens, fairies and feuding clans: exploring legends on Scotland's Isle of Skye

For centuries, colourful tales have shaped the lives of those who call Scotland’s ‘Misty Isle’ home, and are still deeply intertwined with its soul-stirring landscapes.


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Discovering indigenous bush traditions in Namibia's borderlands

Travellers who venture to the country’s northeast can engage with the history and lore of indigenous Ju/’hoansi people in the Nyae Nyae Conservancy, learning about natural medicines and wayfinding on a bush walk. 

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There’s a world of ingredients and culinary cultures to be discovered in the UK's capital, whether you’re looking for an introduction to a nation’s cuisine or revisiting the flavours of a beloved destination.

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Everything you need to know about travel during the coronavirus outbreak

A compilation of stories and reports covering the coronavirus outbreak across the globe, brought to you by the experts at National Geographic Traveller (UK) and National Geographic.


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Photo story: hiking the Kiso Valley on Japan's ancient Nakesendo Way

One of Japan’s 17th-century highways, the Nakasendō wound through the heart of the country’s main island, Honshu, linking the spiritual centre of Kyoto with the political hub of Edo (known today as Tokyo). Today, only sections of its epic 332-mile route remain, offering up the hospitality and flavours of modern mountain life — and a tantalising glimpse into the inter-city travelling experience of centuries past.
National Geographic Traveller (UK)
March 2021
by National Geographic Traveller (UK)
One of the most sparsely populated countries on Earth, Namibia is a byword for vast landscapes shaped by fierce elemental forces.
Photograph by Getty Images

The March issue of National Geographic Traveller (UK) focuses on Namibia, Africa’s new capital of adventure. The country’s offering to travellers is developing apace, with new camps, wildlife experiences, high-octane tours and living museums blossoming across the desert nation.

One of the most sparsely populated countries on Earth, Namibia is a byword for vast landscapes shaped by fierce elemental forces. From the blustery, shipwreck-strewn Skeleton Coast and wildlife utopia of Etosha in the north, through the central region — home to extreme sports hub Swakopmund and the capital, Windhoek — to the ochre dunes of Sossusvlei and the mighty Fish River Canyon in the south, Africa’s southwest corner offers the ultimate antidote to lockdown life.   

Elsewhere in the issue, we discover the dramatic landscapes and age-old legends on the Isle of Skye; a ride on Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer train between Vancouver and Banff; the great outdoors in Bansko, Bulgaria; and the hybrid, borderland cuisine of Alsace. Meanwhile, we look at how Australia’s Sapphire Coast is recovering one year on from the devastating bushfires. We cover the cities of Bangkok, Granada, east London and Cologne. Plus, we take a look at new ways to get outdoors in North Wales; Europe’s sustainable cities for 2021; a drive along Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast; what not to miss in Byron Bay; and a quick guide to Windsor.

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The March 2021 issue of National Geographic Traveller
Photograph by Clockwise from top left: Danial Alford; Ulf Svane; Getty; Ben Roberts

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