Best of the World: 35 incredible places to discover in 2021 and beyond

Best of the World: 35 incredible places to discover in 2021 and beyond

Our global travel editors have lined up 35 of the best places our planet has to offer for 2021 and beyond: destinations that speak of resilient communities, smart sustainability efforts and unforgettable experiences for post-pandemic explorations.


A neighbourhood guide to Seville

The Andalucian capital may have a collection of classic sights, but that’s only half the story. Its atmospheric barrios, home to fresh flavours and burgeoning art scenes, are breathing new life into the city.

Three outdoor UK adventures to embrace the Norwegian concept of friluftsliv

As winter sets in, the temptation to stay indoors grows. Break tradition this season, and do as the Norwegians do by embracing the outside world. 

How to spend a weekend in Fort William and Glencoe

In the shadow of Ben Nevis, the town of Fort William and the nearby valley of Glencoe offer a rugged springboard for outdoors adventures, with hiking, biking and Highland history all in easy reach.

A taste of Santa Barbara, from local wines to lobster rolls

From the seafood served across the city to the wine produced in the shadows of the Santa Ynez Mountains, Santa Barbara offers a true taste of California. We look at three essential foodie experiences — from an urban wine trail to visiting a chocolate artisan — and share a classic lobster roll recipe to recreate at home. 

A neighbourhood guide to Milan

The world’s fashion capital has long conjured up images of runway shows and haute couture, but tucked away in hidden corners is the real Milan, a treasure trove of museums, public art, jewellers and gin bars.


A portrait of pastoral life in France's Central Pyrenees

A week in the Central Pyrenees, tucked in the south west corner of France’s Occitania region, reveals a pastoral life little changed in centuries. Here, among medieval market towns and lush valleys, the past’s thread snakes its way through the present.

12 wintry comfort food dishes from around the world

Winter is the ideal season for comfort food, but don’t just rely on pies, stews and curries to get you through to spring. Check out our selection of some of the world’s best-loved dishes.

Go wild in the country: eight new adventure tours in the UK for 2021

Exploration once meant going to the other side of the world, but a host of travel companies are now championing local adventures right on our doorstep.

10 travel experiences for 2021, chosen by the editors of National Geographic Traveller

From stargazing tours in the Namib Desert to shepherd’s hut stays in Lancashire, the editors of National Geographic Traveller and National Geographic Traveller Food share the experiences at the top of their travel wish lists.

Everything you need to know about travel during the coronavirus outbreak

A compilation of stories and reports covering the coronavirus outbreak across the globe, brought to you by the experts at National Geographic Traveller (UK) and National Geographic.


10 Photos

Photo story: the historic diners of Arequipa, Peru

With a heritage stretching back centuries, the picanterías of Peru’s second-largest city dish up delicious portions of traditional comfort food every lunchtime.
National Geographic Traveller (UK)
Jan/Feb 2020
Best of the World
by National Geographic Traveller
While the pandemic has brought journeys to a standstill, it’s not quieted our curiosity. Ahead of a new year — with the promise of a return to travel — we’re eager to share these 35 tales of timeless places that will define our future itineraries.
Photograph by Getty Images

The Jan/Feb issue of National Geographic Traveller (UK) reveals the Best of the World list — the 35 global destinations set to define our future itineraries. Compiled in collaboration with National Geographic and the 15 other international editions of National Geographic Traveller, this list profiles inspiring places, communities and innovations, and offers an optimistic dose of escapism for the year ahead.

Framed by five categories — Sustainability, Nature & Wildlife, Adventure, Culture & History and Family Travel — each inclusion honours a superlative destination with a relevant story to tell for the year ahead. The 2021 list profiles conservation successes, preservation achievements, cultural resilience, and tales of communities overcoming daunting obstacles to thrive despite the pandemic.

Elsewhere in the issue, we explore France’s central Pyrenees, set sail for the eastern isles of Indonesia and spend a long weekend in Malta, while our photo story highlights the sun, sand and surf of Portugal’s Vicentine Coast. We cover the cities of Hamburg, Los Angeles and Edinburgh, plus, we take a look at openings and anniversaries in Washington, DC; the Norwegian concept of friluftsliv; new hotels in Antwerp; a drive through Mexico’s Yucatan region.

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The Jan/Feb 2020 issue of National Geographic Traveller
Photograph by Clockwise from top left: Celia Topping; Alamy; Richard James Taylor; Markel Redondo

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Food Tourism

The latest stories from National Geographic Traveller Food

Where to go, what to see and how to explore the world by way of its unique culinary experiences.

Editors' picks

Steak and kidney pie: the story behind a British classic

Popularised in the 19th century, this British classic has since become a pub staple. And while over the centuries the ingredients have been up for some debate, these days the kidneys are non-negotiable.

Veganism: a worldwide quest for plant-based perfection

All over the world, the plant-based lifestyle is growing, with chefs putting together amazing new vegan menus. We explore the UK's vegan scene including hotspots in London, and reveal the world's seven best vegan restaurants.

Cheese pilgrimages: the nine destinations that should be on every cheese-lover's bucket list

From the Dutch Cheese Valley to the lush pastures of Normandy and the wild Californian north west, here are the places we think should be on every cheese lover’s bucket list.

Four ways to experience the best of the Maldives

Synonymous with a truly luxurious escape and ideal for any number of aquatic adventures, the Maldives is an archipelago that should top your travel wishlist for 2021 — and a stay at Lily Hotels' all-inclusive resort makes for an ideal base.

The battle to save Brazil's sloths — and what travellers can do to help

We talk to World Animal Protection’s João Almeida about the capture and exhibition of the endangered mammals, and how he’s appealing to travellers to protect Brazil’s wildlife in the face of deforestation and damaging tourism practices.

Notes from an author: broadcaster Neil Oliver on an archaeological discovery in Denmark

An encounter with an ancient burial site outside Copenhagen reveals something fundamental about the human spirit.

A neighbourhood guide to Edinburgh

While still renowned for its grand, imposing aesthetic, the Scottish capital has been busy sprucing up once-gritty parts of town into happening new neighbourhoods. 

The ultimate hotel guide to Los Angeles

California’s biggest city might overwhelm on a first encounter, but picking the right hotel in one of its many dynamic districts can offer a true taste of the City of Angels. 

The inside guide to York

Known for its medieval streets and iconic Minster, the ancient city blends its historical highlights with a thriving modern food scene.

A road trip exploring the lesser-known peaks of the eastern Rocky Mountains

This road trip offers up small, characterful towns, whose local sheer-drop chutes, powder-filled bowls and untracked cat skiing backcountry provide an authentic North American ski experience.

The seven best food podcasts

Travel the world and sate your appetite vicariously as you listen to chefs, writers and comedians discuss all things gastronomic.

Meet the maker: Côte d'Ivoire's trailblazing chocolatier

In Côte d’Ivoire, Rosine Bekoin and her fellow cacao farmers are shaking things up by making their own chocolate.

Four of the best design hotels in Antwerp, Belgium

Belgium’s capital of cool has a number of suitably stylish pads to choose from.

What to do on a family trip to the Isle of Wight

With vintage theme parks, beaches galore and gentle countryside, there’s no better place to head for a slice of holiday nostalgia. 

How to spend a weekend in Lake Como

As northern Italy’s most exclusive getaway, Lake Como offers la dolce vita in spades —  lakeside glamour, rooftop dining and sleepy nooks — all easily explored in a slow-paced weekend.

A walking tour of east London’s best public art

The capital is home to hundreds of works of public art, from vibrant murals to large-scale installations and sculptures — and many of the best are to be found in the city's eastern neighbourhoods. 

Where to eat in Ludlow, Shropshire

With an abundance of great produce on its doorstep, ‘local’ is the watchword for this Shropshire town’s dining scene.

Meet the fantasy coffin-designers of Accra, Ghana

Ernest Anang Kwei has followed in his father’s footsteps, continuing a tradition of building elaborate coffins that represent the profession, dreams or vices of the deceased. From carved aeroplanes to crocodiles, his commissions — and those of his father’s other apprentices — have elevated the funerary experience to an artform.

How to plan a cultural road trip around the Yucatán, Mexico's Maya heartland

A drive through the Yucatán reveals natural wonders both above and below ground. Freshwater sinkholes, spectacular Maya ruins and colourful nature spots are scattered across the peninsula, tucked into the lush, jungly interior.

Is Bengaluru India's most exciting city for vegetarians?

It’s known for being India’s tech capital, but Bengaluru is also arguably the country’s best city for vegetarians and vegans, with a truly vibrant meat-free dining scene.

How to spend a weekend in Malta

Beyond its ancient history and melting-pot cuisine, Malta’s islands offer striking, sun-blessed coastlines for outdoor adventures. Here's how to plan the perfect long weekend on the Mediterranean archipelago.

Life in the rapids: globetrotting sportsman Antonio Trani on making river rafting a lifestyle in Southern Italy

Antonio Trani rafted some the world’s major rivers before returning to his Italian hometown near Pollino National Park, founding rafting tour operator River Tribe and offering multi-day adventures in southern Italy’s largest protected wilderness.