Travel photography tips: Change your viewpoint

Professional photographer Steve Davey presents his travel photography tips. Read his advice for using viewpoint to create a more dramatic shotSaturday, 24 January 2015

By Steve Davey
Snake charmers in Marrakech, Morocco

Don't take all of your pictures from head height: shoot from higher, or in this case lower to create a more dramatic image. In this case looking down on the snakes would have just shown the tops of their heads, with a background of the paving of the square. A low viewpoint will also change the background of the picture. In order to achieve this snake-level viewpoint, I fitted the camera to a monopod and moved it closer to the snakes with a wideangle lens, triggering the camera with a remote release. This gave a more dramatic view of the snakes and showed the snake charmers in the background. The secret to all photography is to try to show things from a different, more unique perspective. Most times this will involve thinking about the picture before rushing in with a camera; in this instance it also involved getting rather close to a number of Egyptian Cobras!

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