Tech traveller: Websites for foodies

Food and travel are a great combination. To get the full flavour of a destination, check out these globetrotting websites for foodiesMonday, April 8, 2019

By Kate Russell

A growing number of us travel for culinary experiences, as evidenced by Instagram, which is rife with photos of people's dinner plates. To make sure you get the best titillation for your taste buds wherever you are with Vizeat, where you'll find recommendations from locals for immersive food experiences, including cooking classes, eating events and the chance to book dinner with a local host, Airbnb-style.

Another good tool for hosted meals is Traveling Spoon, which connects you with vetted local hosts for a home-cooked meal and the chance to learn about local cultural and culinary traditions. As well as tasting new and exciting food, you're bound to meet interesting people you'd never have encountered otherwise.

A lot of social tools for foodies have launched over the past few years but an old favourite of mine, Food Spotting, is still the site to beat. Use it to find like-minded foodies around the globe and share photos and recommendations — a great way to find out what looks tasty where you're heading. Another trend that's exploded recently is food-related TV shows.

If you've seen places on telly you'd like to visit, use TV Food Maps to find the restaurants and locations featured, then plan your trip around those destinations. If you have special dietary requirements such as allergies and are confused by foreign food labels, you can use the open-source database at Open Food Facts to check the contents of a packet by scanning the barcode.

Kate Russell is technology reporter for @BBCClick and author of Working the Cloud

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Published in the March 2017 issue of National Geographic Traveller (UK)