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Just as its name in Spanish suggests, the Costa Brava (or ‘Wild Coast’) remains a relatively unspoilt part of Catalonia, despite its popularity with tourists.Friday, 7 June 2019

Just as its name in Spanish suggests, the Costa Brava (or ‘Wild Coast’) remains a relatively unspoilt part of Catalonia, despite its popularity with tourists.

As home to some of Catalonia’s most memorable destinations, there’s a whole wealth of activities for even previous visitors to the region to discover. So just what’s the best strategy? Why not enlist the support of an experienced and reliable guide to show an all-new side to Catalonia? That’s where Alàbriga Travel comes in.

Whether leading visitors around ancient wineries and dairies, monasteries hidden in the mountains, medieval settlements and fortresses or underwater meadows of Posidonia oceanica seagrass endemic to only a few areas of the Mediterranean, Alàbriga Travel promises to show Costa Brava at its very best.

Visitors can also get more hands-on, trying their hand at glassblowing or pottering in an artisan’s workshop or adventuring out to secluded bays and grottoes that are home to sea skates and rays, and flanked by mystical dolmens only found in three places in Europe.

Personalisation is the team’s motto, from individually tailored routes to destinations selected in conjunction with experienced travellers, as well as locals who have opened up places previously only visited by those in the know.

Alàbriga Travel aims to deliver luxury from the moment of contact to the end of the trip. The team takes dreams and makes them a reality. Whether that means a hot air balloon ride, herding sheep, riding a jet ski, witnessing the dawn from a working lighthouse, loop-the-looping in a light aircraft or scuba diving on the sea bed, for Alàbriga Travel nothing is impossible on the Costa Brava.

This goes for travellers of all ages, with anyone from parents with babies, youth groups and elderly guests catered for. The same applies for sport types, with personal trainers on hand for professional athletes and itineraries specially designed according to the desired level of activity.

Alàbriga Travel also provides a concierge service from the moment visitors arrive and accommodation at Alàbriga Hotel & Home Suites with its 28 luxury suites, restaurants, spa and pools.


The Costa Brava has a wide range of activities to enjoy, ensuring every visitor’s stay is truly unforgettable



• Hot air balloon ride
• Mushroom hunting
• Skydiving
• Formula 1 experience
• Winery tours
• Light plane flight
• Eco walk and picnic


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