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Cuixmala offers the chance for guests to immerse themselves in 30,000 acres of biosphere reserve on the coast of Jalisco; whilst the Hacienda de San Antonio — a sprawling ranch — sits perched in the highlands of Colima on the west coast of Mexico

Tuesday, June 11, 2019,
By Cuixmala And The Hacienda De San Antonio
Cuixmala and the Hacienda de San Antonio
Cuixmala and the Hacienda de San Antonio
Photograph by Cuixmala and the Hacienda de San Antonio

Cuixmala offers the chance for guests to immerse themselves in 30,000 acres of biosphere reserve on the coast of Jalisco; whilst the Hacienda de San Antonio — a sprawling ranch — sits perched in the highlands of Colima on the west coast of Mexico.

Nestled along three miles of pristine Mexican coastline is the 30,000-acre Chamela-Cuixmala Biosphere Reserve; within this oasis sits Cuixmala, recognised as being at the forefront of luxury-eco destination travel. Here the boundaries separating guests from nature are dissolved, while also being one of the most special places to stay in the world.


Created by the legendary financier, tycoon and politician, Sir James Goldsmith — who was knighted for his services to ecology — the once private estate is now open as a destination for discerning travellers.

Cuixmala is located on Mexico’s breathtaking Pacific Coast, in the state of Jalisco. Río Cuixmala courses along its southern border, from its northern boundary, and vast hills look out over the coconut plantation towards the Pacific Ocean, and to the east, bamboo groves and mango trees number in their thousands.

The coastline affords a variety of rich landscape at Cuixmala. There’s an array of beaches, from picture-postcard white sand tranquillity, to rocky bluffs jutting out into the powerful Pacific.

The landscape ranges from lush jungle, coconut palm groves and lagoons, to sweeping savannah and grasslands. Integrated with respect into these different environments are not only the main house of Casa Cuixmala, but three large villas, six bungalows and 10 casitas.


Aside from elusive jaguar in the surrounding nature reserve, around the property roam countless animals, from zebra and eland to multicolour iguanas, and more than 270 species of migratory birds at any given moment. With the help of many of its guests, Cuixmala’s turtle release programme has protected and released more than 80,000 hatchlings into the ocean this year alone.

The aim of Cuixmala is to encourage guests to feel a connection to nature, in as many ways as possible. On a silent electric lagoon boat it’s possible to get within a few feet of exotic wading roseate spoonbills, while under the watchful gaze of iguanas adorning the branches overhead.

Environmentalism and sustainability are the core of Cuixmala. An organic and biodynamic farm provides everything that is served on the estate, with crops being planted in alignment with celestial cycles. In conjunction with Cuixmala’s sister property, the Hacienda De San Antonio, all produce, products and ointments are organically created in house.


All the food at Cuixmala is made from the freshest and finest ingredients with most of the food coming from our own organic farms. Whether it be the fine dining provided at Casa Cuixmala on the spacious ocean view terrace or in the grand dining room, the Villas with your personal cook or the casual restaurant dining at Casa Gomez, Cuixmala offers unique and memorable dining experiences. The site offers lunchtime picnics at Caleta Blanca with freshly grilled seafood to relaxing picnics under majestic trees on the lawns near the stables or beach barbecues with bonfires on the romantic Playa Cuixmala.


Where Cuixmala sits perched on the raw beauty of coastline, a 40-minute private flight can whisk guests away to the western Mexican mountains; just under the Volcano of Colima awaits the Hacienda De San Antonio. Amid eternal springlike weather, manicured lush gardens are jewels in the crown of the surrounding ranch land, where wild horses roam. Double-tiered botanical courtyards disguise unassuming entrances to finely adorned suites.

Once a vast coffee plantation, its ruins were lovingly restored. The landscape is otherworldly, due to the rich volcanic soil of the Volcano de Colima standing tall against dusky skies.


The horse stables of Casa Pista are an authentic setting fit for a true caballerango (cowboy). Setting off along trails around the volcano, along hilltop woodland through which guests emerge above a dramatic clearing; Epazote, where extended lunches are enjoyed above a lake.

Further still and guests come to where the fertility of the land is most evident: the beating heart of the Hacienda, Rancho Jabalí. This is where organic coffee beans are produced, along with cheeses, honey and even essential oils, along with all types of conventional organic farming, providing for both properties.


Cuixmala and Hacienda de San Antonio’s intent is for guests to experience how luxury travel can be seamlessly integrated with mindfulness for the environment. No matter what sort of holiday guests are seeking, either property is certain to provide guests with a restorative and transformational experience.


Assisting newly hatched sea turtles reach the Pacific Ocean, as the hotel nears its one millionth release



• Casa Cuixmala
• Two restaurants
• Three private beaches
• Three unique villas
• Six coastal bungalows
• Ten hillside casitas


• Horse riding
• Logging hammock time
• Lagoon cruises


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