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As adventures go, the journey around the Antarctic Peninsula is about as big as it gets

By Intrepid Travel
Published 8 Apr 2019, 23:53 BST
Petermann Island
Petermann Island

Providing a sense of remoteness like nowhere else on the planet, Antarctica allows travellers to take themselves far from the everyday and become completely immersed in another world. Whether they’re fans of otherworldly landscapes, fascinating fauna, intrepid explorers, adrenalin-fuelled activities or sensational snaps, this startling destination ticks all the boxes.

Sublime scenery
As the highest, driest and coldest continent on the planet, it won’t come as a surprise that 98% of Antarctica is covered by ice. Its expansive wilderness is broken up only by mountain ranges, valleys and ice streams. If it’s a glimpse of turquoise-hued icebergs, gargantuan glaciers and mirror-like waters travellers crave, the Great White Continent doesn’t disappoint.

Astonishing wildlife
Having the opportunity to get closer to the nature of Antarctica is undoubtedly one of the area’s biggest draws. From observing vast penguin colonies and magnificent leopard seals hunting their prey to spotting majestic albatrosses soaring overhead and orcas swimming in the icy waters, there’s a wildlife watching experience to thrill everyone.

Captivating history
Great explorers have been spellbound by the world’s southernmost spot ever since it was discovered. Visiting Antarctica enables travellers to follow in the footsteps of these incredible expedition leaders, including the likes of Sir Ernest Shackleton, Roald Amundsen and Robert Scott. They’ll also uncover the eerie abandoned whaling stations of times gone by.

Exhilarating adventures
Crossing the Drake Passage is enough to get hearts racing, but that’s just the start of the excitement — daily Zodiac cruises and onshore landings provide the chance to get under the skin of this unique destination. For those with an appetite for adventure, standup paddleboarding, sea kayaking, ice camping and the breathtaking polar plunge are just some of the exciting activities on offer.

Phenomenal photography
From self-proclaimed amateurs to those with dreams of becoming the next Wildlife Photographer of the Year — the unrivalled natural beauty of Antarctica provides one of a kind photo opportunities. Picture penguins porpoising, glaciers calving, whales breaching, seals snapping, snow storms whipping and it’s easy to see how travellers will come away with an enviable expedition showreel.

These are just a handful of reasons why travellers will be left mesmerised by Antarctica. For those already responding to its call, consider a journey aboard the Ocean Endeavour. Newly acquired by Intrepid Travel, this ship offers the best passenger-to-crew ratio in Antarctica (eight to one), a choice of 10 different cabin types, an onboard health and wellness centre, plus a wide range of onboard and onshore activities.

To find out more, head to: intrepidtravel.com/polar-voyages


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