Turn on Explore Mode

All it takes is a moment of inspiration to trigger Explore Mode and spark a series of life-changing experiences.

Published 12 Apr 2019, 17:03 BST, Updated 30 Dec 2021, 16:48 GMT
Turn on Explore Mode

We've teamed up with The North Face to get us a bit closer to adventure. This campaign seeks to help you connect to those moments that take you away from the everyday.

Find your adventure

It’s more than an abstract concept. We know that it’s out there, and other people are experiencing it, but it can be hard to connect the spirit of adventure to ourselves when we’re neck-deep in the stress of modern life.

Be curious

Adventure doesn’t exist in the realm of the unattainable. It’s fed by curiosity, and as human beings, that’s something we have a lot of.

Anyone can do it

It’s also not necessarily about travelling to the ends of the Earth or turning into superhuman athletes. At any given time, you have enough power and agency to turn your inspiration into exploration.

Push your limits

Be conscious of your own limits, and how much you’re prepared to stretch them. Try to push past them in a way that’s achievable but invigorating.

What’s in it for you

The sense of freedom and exhilaration that comes from exploration will empower all aspects of your life. We all have an explore mode that empowers us to switch off the phone, escape our echo chambers and get out there. All it takes is the will to activate it.

Turn on Explore Mode with THE NORTH FACE

The North Face’s fundamental mission remains unchanged since 1966: Provide the best gear for athletes and the modern explorer, support the preservation of the outdoors, and dare to move the world forward, through exploration.

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