British Columbia: following a forest path

Chiaxst’n is a guide and cultural ambassador for Talaysay Tours. Here, he talks about his Eden: British Columbia’s ancient forests, where as soon as you pull on your boots, a sense of serenity washes over you.

Published 8 Sept 2021, 15:52 BST
British Columbia: following a forest path

When you pull on your boots and step into the deep greens of BC’s thriving coastal rainforest, there’s a palpable sense of release. Your shoulders loosen, your thoughts unscramble and your priorities shift. As Chiaxst'n (Wesley Nahanee) from Squamish Nation, guide and cultural ambassador for Talaysay Tours, tells us, it’s about becoming ‘one heart and one mind’ with what’s around you. Whether exploring forests, mountains, lakes or beaches, spending time in the wilds of Canada’s westernmost province has the power to transform both mind and body, with healing benefits that last long after you’ve left.

Take a moment and connect with British Columbia's great wilderness, even before you travel. Call the Wild at

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British Columbia: into the blue


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