Learning to protect Namibia's endangered rhinos on a new conservation bootcamp

Learning to protect Namibia's endangered rhinos on a new conservation bootcamp

Responding to travellers’ desire to engage with frontline conservation, the Naankuse Foundation, based east of Windhoek, has opened its ranger training programmes to anyone willing to muck in on patrols and intrepid, under-the-stars night shifts in the bush.

Eight ultimate adventures for every ability in Namibia

Namibia’s dramatic landscapes lend themselves to bucket-list experiences, from world-class hikes to hot air balloon rides. Here’s how to match your activities to your mettle.

Where ocean meets dune: a journey to northern Namibia's Skeleton Coast

The otherworldly landscapes of northwest Namibia — from the windswept dunes of the Skeleton Coast to arid wildernesses of the Hoanib Valley — threaten to upstage both the wildlife and the remote luxury lodges that call it home.

What are Namibia's Living Museums, and how can you visit responsibly?

We speak to Kathrin Dürrschmidt, project coordinator of the Living Culture Foundation, and Rimunikavi Tjipurua, known as John, who manages the Ovahimba Living Museum, where travellers can learn about Himba culture through workshops and re-enactments.

Five new remote luxury lodges in Namibia

Recent years have seen Namibia’s accommodation scene blossom, with boutique camps and lodges drawing travellers to spectacular and remote corners of the country. Here are five new properties offering a luxurious taste of Namibia’s scenery.

Discovering indigenous bush traditions in Namibia's borderlands

Travellers who venture to the country’s northeast can engage with the history and lore of indigenous Ju/’hoansi people in the Nyae Nyae Conservancy, learning about natural medicines and wayfinding on a bush walk. 

How to spend a day in Swakopmund, Namibia's adventure capital

It’s not all adrenalin-charged action in Namibia’s adventure capital: this coastal city is fun to explore on foot, admiring German-style architecture and strolling the seaside promenade, all while squeezing in some fun activities and great food.

Namibia: Life on Mars

At first glance, Namibia's sweltering desert hinterland seems to be a dead zone — but look closer and you'll see life not only persists here, it often thrives

The alternative safari: The green Kalahari

The little-visited Northern Cape claims a uniquely verdant swathe of the Kalahari. Welcome to South Africa’s largest private game reserve, Tswalu Kalahari, home to thrilling chases and pioneering conservation efforts.

Do it now: Zen & the art of mind maintenance

Want to sleep better, manage stress and anxiety, or simply feel a bit more zen? There's a reason meditation is being embraced by travellers everywhere

People of the Desert

Namibia's Himba take tourists beyond the usual safari circuit.

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