Rescued Animals Justin Beaver and Arnie the Armadillo Have a New Mission

Published 12 Apr 2018, 18:12 BST
Rescued Animals Justin Beaver and Arnie the Armadillo Have a New Mission

This is Justin Beaver. “JB” for short. He’s a superstar beaver who was rescued by Second Chances Wildlife Centre in Louisville, Kentucky. Brigette Brouillard runs the rehab centre and works to rehabilitate animals and release them back into the wild. She has appeared on the Nat Geo WILD series Bandit Patrol as a featured licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

Sometimes, when the animals can’t safely be released back into the wild, she lets them stay in her house. Beavers are natural dam builders. JB frequently collects books and magazines from around the house and builds dams in front of doors. Brouillard is raising money to build JB an outdoor enclosure with a pond soon.

JB has a friend named Arnie the armadillo. When Arnie arrived, Brouillard had to do CPR on him just to keep him alive – and now he’s thriving. Like JB, Arnie steals things too. But instead of building dams, Arnie builds nests with his stolen objects.

Brouillard has a licence to bring animals like Justin and Arnie to schools to educate children about Kentucky wildlife. Please don’t keep wild animals in your house without a licence.

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