Wild Leopard Plays With a Tourist's Foot

Published 23 May 2018, 14:28 BST, Updated 23 May 2018, 18:51 BST
Wild Leopard Plays With a Tourist's Foot

This wild leopard approached a safari vehicle in Botswana's Okavango Delta. The vehicle's driver, the tracker, allegedly told the tourist not to move to avoid startling the big cat. Two National Geographic Explorers, who are also big cat experts, say this was a risky situation.

Craig Packer said, “The driver should have started the engine the instant the leopard came up to the car.” Luke Dollar hopes that this particular kind of thing doesn’t become regularly tolerated.” When a young leopard approaches a vehicle without negative feedback, it may continue the behaviour in the future. If the leopard eventually attacks someone, it would get put down."

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Watch a Rare Video of a Leopard Playing With Its Food

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